Yep, you’d be right in thinking us Birds have a soft spot for gas-strut windows. We’ve used them in almost every renovation and just can’t get enough of them.

Why? These babies really are the bee’s knees. With a single nudge, they pop upwards and outwards as if motorised. When you’re ready to shut the window, I’ll admit, you have to use a little more effort but hey it’s a great work-out for your arms and as Ice-T would say #putyourbackintoit.

So let me say again, we luurve a gas-strut window and think that you probably need one in your life too!



Ahhh… remember this? We were so fresh to the reno game and I was ringing around to see who had the cheapest bi-fold windows. Then, boom! Garry, from Decorative Building Products suggested we try a gas-strut window instead. “A gas-whaaaat?” I said. Somewhere in his reply I heard the words “cheaper than bi-folds” and that sealed the deal. OMG, we were hooked!

This first gas-strut window we did opens to a timber servery #bunnings which we chose to complement the timber decking (and cos it was super-cheap) #kachingkaching. It’s the perfect setting to pull up a pew and sip a vino while you chat to the chef (which will never be me) in the kitchen.

TIP: can you see the silver brackets under the servery? We should have painted them the same colour as the wall #facepalm #rookies



Still amazed by our discovery from the first house (and pretty chuffed that we were in the know about gas-strut windows), we put one in this kitchen too.

Kitchens sell houses and we wanted to make this kitchen a destination to spend time in, not just a thoroughfare. This gas-strut window lifts open to a bespoke breakfast bar and gorgeous alfresco dining area. The timber breakfast bar/servery #bunningsagain is the same material as the kitchen bench to tie the inside and outside together.




The beauty of a gas-strut is that it offers an unobstructed view when closed versus bi-folds, which have framework around each little window (also known as ‘leafs’). And how good is that when you have a lush green lawn and firepit to look out onto? In this house we decided to try something new with our gas-strut by placing it near the dining table and with a stone servery on the outside. This was again a budget-driven decision, as our stone mason told us he had an off cut from the kitchen bench top we could use #winning.

P.S - see how we learnt our lesson from House 1 and painted the steel supports under the servery ;-)



HOUSE four

By this house we were getting really confident with our gas-strut designs so we installed not one, but two gas-struts, both opening out to a wrap-around timber servery, to maximise bench space for sitting or standing. I think we worked out you could accommodate up to 10 people standing around the “bar”.

It’s such a space saver compared to bi-folds, which stack up to one side and take up valuable seating space and elbow room.



True love dies hard and when it came to designing my own forever kitchen, I knew I needed a gas-strut window too. And boy did I go BIG! 2.4m to be exact. I chose a seamless Caesarstone servery in Calacatta Nuvo - it’s one big slab that runs from inside to out. It actually works like an 8-seater table because we can seat people along both sides. Best of all, when the gas-strut window is open, it’s up and out of the way and doesn’t take up any bench space.



Even Bon’s Beach Shack got a gas-strut window in the kitchen! It’s in the perfect possie to pass the snags out to the BBQ chef.



And as you’ve seen from the latest room reveals, we’re strutting our stuff big time at Bonnie’s Dream Home with two huge gas-struts windows - one in the bar, one in the casual dining room. These gas-struts are pure indulgence. Perched above day beds, they help create a little slice of heaven to sit and read a book while you take in the view. And by the way, these gas-struts were our first aluminium ones due to Bon’s fire rating. They look just as good as timber.


Have I sold you on the versatility of a gas-strut window yet? If all these practical reasons haven’t got you hooked, how about…. they just look hot!