Guess what it is??


It’s deadset my Dyson cordless vacuum cleaner!

I bet you didn’t see that coming! But seriously I use mine every day.

So when Dyson asked me to road test their latest innovation - The Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum I was literally so excited to give it a go. It felt like Christmas! #cleanfreaksunite

When I think back to my early twenties, dreaming of all the things that would excite me... a vacuum cleaner was never on the list. But fast forward a few (OK maybe more than a few) years and things have changed. With four ratbags (boys) running around plus the dogs, I feel like I am forever cleaning some days. I hate it when my house is dirty.

I've actually been obsessed with Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners for years. Back in the day, I loved the fact it was cordless …. now the game-changer for me is the extra long power meaning I can vacuum my whole house without having to charge it.  

Watch what else I discovered about their latest and greatest model below:

To check out the latest Dyson V11 Cordless Vacuum, head to your nearest David Jones store. 


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