A Butler’s Pantry, or ‘BP’, was a luxury we simply couldn’t afford in our first houses in terms of both money and space, but we’re so happy we were finally able to create one in Bon’s Dream Home! We're certainly not going to die wondering if they’re worth it – it’s mega! Actually, it’s more of a butler’s kitchen than pantry.

It is true that most BPs won’t be as big as Bon’s, but it’s also true that, regardless of size, they usually serve the same purpose: to provide a second smaller space that’s hidden away for certain tasks and to store things you’d prefer not be seen in the main kitchen. 

Everyone wants a Butler's Pantry, right?  Wrong! Not Lana. #controversial Why, you ask???


NAY – Lana says “no way Rose’

Let's get real, a Butler’s Pantry is like a babushka doll – it’s a kitchen within a kitchen #novelty. I don’t get why I need another kitchen or another pantry when I’ve already got one? #clearlynotnigella I had the space (and the budget) for a humble BP in my Forever Home reno, but I just don’t believe in them. Here’s why a BP is not for me:

+ Plenty of Pantry – My kitchen is pretty big (well at least I thought it was until I saw Bon's), so I’ve already got loads of pantry and cupboard space, I just don’t need any more. I’ve got a place for everything and everything has a place. I thought that the space could be used for something that suits our family more….

+ Open-plan - If there are two kitchens you can spend time in, why would anyone ever choose the smaller one? To me, it kinda defeats the purpose of open-plan living. On one hand, we’re tearing down those original separate kitchens from yesteryear, but with the same swing of the hammer, we’re building a new, separate kitchen in its own room, but even smaller! #huh #idontgetit

+ Workaholics Dream – roll in the Butler’s Office! (BO doesn’t quite have the same ring to it, does it?!). It might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but this was a great decision for our family as it suits our lifestyle much better. Both my husband and I need somewhere to work that’s open and central and this guy is just the ticket! Not to mention it's the perfect spot for the kids to do their homework in the mornings or arvos while I'm pottering around the kitchen (not doing much because #notnigella). 

+ Top Tip - for the occasional entertainer, here's a compromise. Think about having a door straight off your kitchen into your laundry so that your laundry can double as a BP on the few occasions you want to hide some mess from guests. I rate that idea 10/10 for someone who only needs the space three or four times a year!


YAY – Bonnie says ‘I’m all about the BP’

I’m so excited about my new Butler’s Pantry, or as Lans calls it, my Butler’s Kitchen. It’s going to be perfect for my big family, day to day as well as when we entertain. Here’s why:

+ Master of Invisibility - It hides SO much stuff – think clunky Thermomix, smoothie-maker, soda stream, toaster, kettle… the list goes. Imagine all of that otherwise cluttering the benches in my new dream kitchen. #notgonnahappen

+ Perfect for Parties – I can do my food prep in my BP so when my guests arrive the kitchen is clean and ready to entertain. Then, throw in all the post-party mess & dirty dishes that I can’t face tackling until the next day. #winning

+ Kids’ Kitchen – my bigger boys are old enough to throw themselves some Weet-Bix in a bowl for brekkie– most of it gets in the bowl, but the bits that don’t aren’t all over my new kitchen! #nocryingoverspiltmilk

+ Seeing Double – in my BP I’ve got a second fridge, oven and DishDrawer so when we’re entertaining I don't need to be running between kitchens to cook that chook or pop the cork on the champers #itsallthere. The only thing I forgot to double up on was a rubbish bin! #facepalm Better get on to that! Ronnie???


Which side are you on? Pro BP or No BP?

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