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We’ve been best friends for almost 20 years and have seen each other through all the ups and downs of life: meeting and marrying our husbands, starting families (we now have nine beautiful kids between us) and juggling busy careers. But in 2014, we took a leap of faith together, quit our jobs and created Three Birds Renovations in pursuit of a more fulfilling life - working for ourselves, doing something we loved, and with more family time. Within a few short months of starting out we had successfully bought, renovated and sold our first property. Fast-forward to today and we have transformed nine houses (including 32 bedrooms, 18 bathrooms and 11 kitchens), amassed a gorgeous group of followers who make it all worthwhile and learned more than we ever could have imagined. We’ve poured all that hard-earned knowledge into our online renovation course, The Reno School.  We started out flipping houses and then reno’d our forever homes … now we are wholly focused on inspiring and empowering women, anywhere in the world, to turn THEIR renovating dreams into REALITY.




Bonnie is our clever creative. Her job is to make everything beautiful ... a challenge she relishes daily. She’s stylish, smart and savvy so of course she’s responsible for all our design choices.  Bonnie has renovating in her blood. She’s self-taught and will be the first to tell you she’s no expert. She might not be an expert, but she’s a natural. Her eye for design is impeccable and we see this in her vision boards, floorplans, tile selections, colour schemes and furniture styling. She also loves to get onsite and design on the fly (less than ideal - we try to limit those occasions and our tradies thank us ;-) Growing up in the Hills District, Bonnie lives in Glenhaven with husband Nathan and their four beautiful boys, Archie, Buster, Rowdie and little Dodge. Bon's also co-owner of the Tuckshop coffee shop.




Lana is high on life and brings an unstoppable energy to the Three Birds team. Her larger than life voice can be heard throughout the whole worksite (and suburb). With an eye on the big picture, Lana’s always pushing the boundaries on what we can achieve and how to grow the company. She’s a born sales girl and a marketeer with years of experience working for the best. Lana will be the first to tell you she started Three Birds without renovating or styling prowess, but she’s living proof of what can be learned in this industry. She led the design and renovation of her own forever home and we all love how her vision of #santoriniinsydney came to life. Lana and husband Jason have two darling children, Ruby and Heath, a mini-lop bunny called Befrey and one loud and proud parrot, Sunny.





Erin is cool, calm and collected with a desire for detail. She’s the perfect Yin to Bonnie’s Yang and she leads all of our projects. She loves a timeline and has the tradies arriving onsite like clockwork (which is no mean feat). Budgets and problem solving are her bread and butter and she’s still patiently waiting in the wings for when it’s time to renovate her dream home. Erin could be perceived as the ‘quiet one’ of the three but she makes sure she is heard when it counts. Bonnie and Ez are no strangers to working together, having job-shared as Event Managers for years. Erin also grew up in the Hills District and is married to another Nathan - together they have a home (which is ripe for a reno) in Glenhaven (yup, just around the corner from Bonnie) and have three gorgeous children, Mia, Eddy and Marli.