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When it came to the exterior of Bonnie’s Dream Home, there were no prizes for guessing what material she was going to choose. She always only had #hearteyes for weatherboard. She’s dreamed about a weatherboard house for ever and this was her chance to bring her dreams to life.

Choosing the exterior of your home is a massive decision, in fact it’s one of the most important decisions you’ll make during a reno. It’s going to set the tone for your entire home and impact the look and feel of the whole design. Lucky for Bon, her choice of style was a no brainer for her #moderncoastalbarn. It had to be white weatherboard. The big decision was exactly which weatherboard product to use.


Bonnie chose Scyon Linea Weatherboard for her dream home and here’s why

+ To give her that real traditional weatherboard look. Linea comes in two different widths and Bon chose the 180mm wide boards which she knew would bring the charm and beauty of timber.
+ It has a gorgeous thick profile to create deep shadow lines and looks super high-end. No skinny imposters for Bon! #supermodelsneednotapply
+ It ticks all the boxes in terms of longevity for a forever home. And she liked the bit where it says “resistant to damage from termites, rot and fire” #soundfamiliar? #madeforher! And on top of all that it’s #lowmainty
+ She could add fancy metal edging to give the corners definition for that defined, finished, weatherboard look #itsallinthedetails
+ It’s BAL40 rated. Bon’s rear façade needed to comply with strict bushfire building codes, so she needed a material that would fit the bill #prettyandpractical
+ And to top it all off, we’ve used Scyon Linea in previous renos so Bon had seen it in situ and knew it really was the bees’ knees of weatherboard products. Nothing gives you more confidence in a reno than having used it before. 


Picking her weatherboards was the easy part. The challenging part for Bon was which colour to paint them? “White of course” I hear you yelling. Yes, we all knew it would be white, but which white was the challenge for Bon. We tested a few different whites on the cladding (and her brick fence at the front of the property) and she ended up choosing Dulux Snowy Mountain Quarter. Oh, and get this - another reason we love Scyon Linea weatherboards is that they’re super-easy to paint.  They actually come pre-primed #yourpainterwillloveyou which means less paint #sowillyourbudget and less time to get that high-quality finish. How good is that? 

You can paint weatherboards with a roller, but our painter, Peachy, and his team opted to spray Bon’s house because of the sheer size of it. Amazingly it only took them four days to nail the lot! #legends

I love how Bon’s choice of weatherboard brings the country and the coast together, it’s just perfect for her #moderncoastalbarn. If only the exterior choice in every reno was this easy!