Have you ever seen a gorgeously styled home and then you get to the kids’ bedrooms and they’re a bit of an… ummm, well… #eyesore #bestclosethedoor?! 

Not in Bonnie’s dream home! #nowayrose Once again, she’s nailed it with her styling. This time with the bedrooms for her four boys. The kids love them as much as the adults… so, how did she get it so right?

I asked her to spill the beans ….

Hey Bon, you’ve done it again! Don’t get all eye-rolly on me, I know I’ve said it before, but I think the boys’ bedrooms are absolutely divine!

Haha, you’re too kind Lans. When I style a home, I want the kids’ bedrooms to look as beautiful as the rest of the rooms. And to look like they fit in with the overall design inspo – not mini themed projects of their own. The key is not losing track of your overall vision for the home and the kids’ rooms will follow suit. Keep your hashtag from your inspo board top of mind, it makes a great sense check!*


So, what about when the kids want pink walls, Wiggles doona covers and One Direction posters above the beds? 

Each to their own… and there’s a time and place for that, but I promise you, it’s truly possible to create beautiful and fun bedrooms that kids will love as much as adults, without going down the route of stereotypically childish theming and styling. There are so many ways you can add fun elements that kids will like and that will grow with them.

What’s your top tip for creating kids’ bedrooms?

Adding a playful feature is my go-to for creating rooms that both kids and adults will love.

You know I love hanging chairs in bedrooms, like we did in your Ruby’s gorgeous room. And I’ve got some Byron Bay Hanging Chairs in Buster & Rowdie’s room. One each, so they can hang out (literally!) and chat or read a book… or more like hide from me with an iPad.


Archie has a climbing wall up to the skylight in his room. And gymnastics rings which give the room a slightly retro, cool vibe, as well as that element of playing. Even if he’s up the top of the climbing wall in a few steps, it makes a fun and boyish design feature in his room.

There are so many cute ideas that will make kids squeal and adults smile. #getcreative #kidsroomrevolution

I LOVE how our first IKEA hack turned out, painting the twins beds green!

How did you decide on the colour for the kids’ rooms, Bonnie?

How good did the beds turn out?! I’m proud of us! I can’t believe we hadn’t attempted an IKEA hack like this before. Dulux Light Leaf is the perfect green to add some colour to this room without being overpowering. That amazing Polka Dot Palm Trees bed linen from Peacocks and Paisleys is just meant to be in my #coastal home and complements the darker green metal lockers perfectly too.


A white room makes a great blank canvas for designing a child’s room and then you can add pops of colour from there. 

Speaking of bed linen, how do you choose it for kids?

OMG things have come such a long way when it comes to choosing linen for kids. Long gone are the days when every single-sized doona cover is firetruck or fairy printed. 

Freedom are nailing it this season with their linen range. So many cool things for boys’ rooms. You can go to town with linen in kids’ room - mix block colours with stripes to shake things up and amp up the fun factor, like I did in Archie's room.

Loving Bonnie’s boys’ bedrooms? Get the look here.