So, we were chatting the other day and Erin went and dropped the BIG question. What’s my favourite room in Bon's Dream Home? That’s a pretty tough one… like who’s your favourite child or what’s your favourite meal. Ask me next week and I’m sure my answer will be different to today! Hang on, make it pizza, cold pizza… even when it’s bad, it’s good.

With so many rooms to choose from in Bon’s house I’m spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing a fave. I know I’ve said before that I’m in love with the pretty little powder room, she’s a beauty, but when it really comes to the crunch… I’m going with the Adults' Retreat. All that light, all that white and not a child in sight - it ticks all my boxes!

But that’s not all, here’s what else I love about it:

+ Perfect position – this room is tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the rest of the house. It’s kind of like a satellite room, off on its own, so hopefully #outofsightoutofmind from the kids ;-) This room was originally going to be the kids’ playroom but I’m glad Bonnie saved it for herself and Nathan. It’s a beautiful quiet space, perfect for their retreat.

+ Heavenly Sofa – could this be the world’s comfiest sofa? And this OZ Design stunner is all white so it’s what I’d imagine lying on a cloud would feel like. This sofa or the matching armchair, is the perfect spot to read a mag, scroll inspo pics on Instagram or pump out some work with my laptop.


+ Cladded Ceiling – much of the rest of Bon’s house has pitched ceilings of lofty heights so I love the contrast in this room. The ceiling is flat and lower (still an impressive 2.7m!) so it feels different as soon as you walk in. Bonnie’s love of cladding is no secret and she’s gone to town with it in this room too. The ceiling and the one wall that’s not glass is lined with Scyon Axon and the texture it adds is amazing. Do you see how the grooves in the Axon line up perfectly from ceiling to wall? #love


+ Glass galore – three walls of this room are full glass. You may be thinking goldfish bowl, but when you’ve got a gorgeous view from every wall, why not? The room is flooded with natural light and French doors open out in each direction. I just love the view of the courtyard and the fact that you can see who’s arriving at the front gate without getting off the sofa.


+ Time for a TV – sorry Bon, I’m with Nathan on this one. I think the only thing that’s missing from this room is a TV. It would really add to the versatility of the room #netflixbinges #movienight #girlsnightin and there’s the perfect possie waiting for it right above the wall hung TV cabinet (it's from BoConcept PS)!


But, you can't have a movie room in a glass box! #allthereflections. So the motorised blockout Roman blinds from Luxaflex are just what the doctor ordered when watching doctors #greysanatomyreruns #mcdreamy.  Check out the video below as Bon takes you on a tour of all the window coverings in her home - there's more to blinds than you think.