It seems that all you guys have a bit of a thing for bar stools! Remember the timber and black ‘tractor stools’ we used in our House 4 kitchen #nestinginnorthmead? They worked a treat because the black legs complemented the black knobs and the tap in the kitchen #geniusno We had no idea that they’d become the most asked about furniture we’d used - EVER! But I guess it makes sense ... a bar stool is so accessible and easy to imagine in your home. 

And from what Space to Create tell us, the Ziggy stools we used in Bon's kitchen are selling like #hotcakes! They’re the white ones at the main island bench… not to be confused with the three other styles of bar stools Bon chose for her dream home! 

How to choose the perfect bar stool

1) Start with your vision board and inspo pics – go back to the images of kitchens you love. What do their bar stools look like? Are they sleek and modern or comfy with cushions? Do they have backs or not? What colour are they?

2) Complement your kitchen – is there an accent colour to pull out? Or do you want them to blend in?

3) How many stools do you actually need? – you should allow around 50-60cm width per stool to be comfortable. So if you've got an island bench which is 2m long, you won't squeeze in any more than 4 stools, 3 might be even better depending on the width of the stool. There’s nothing worse than being squished up to the person next to you. Or kids bickering because they don’t have enough elbow room.

4) Don't forget to check the height of your stool – around 65cm is the best height when it comes to kitchen stools. You could probably get away with 70cm but any higher and you’ll be struggling to fit your thighs in #unlessyourekayla

Bonnie’s Bar Stools

Like I said, Bon needed a lot of bar stools for her dream home but she didn’t pick the same style for all the spaces. She loves an eclectic mix of things and bar stools were no exception. I asked her what she chose and why:

#1 - Kitchen Stools – Ziggy Bar Stool from Space to Create

They’re the perfect combo of coast and country for my #moderncoastalbarn. The natural bamboo looks the part, the canvas cushions make them really comfy, and of course they’re white so they fitted my vision board to the tee. I’ve only gone for four. I could have fit a few more in but one for each boy seemed enough and we can always pull some in from outside when they’ve got friends over.

Screen Shot 2018-07-05 at 7.47.12 pm.png


#2 - Servery Stools – Inside – Brass Wire Stools from Design Twins

Lush green velvet and shiny brass #dynamicduo – it doesn’t get much better than that! They’re gorgeous and add an unexpected statement to this little corner of my kitchen. Even though everything else is whites and neutrals, I still love pops of bling around the place.



#3 - Servery Stools – Outside – Berlin Paris Barstools from BSeated

This classic stool design takes me straight to an island resort. I love that the woven wicker seats are nylon so they’re waterproof and perfect for outdoors #lowmainty. Also, the super lightweight aluminium frames makes them easy to shuffle around.



#4 – Outdoor Kitchen Stools – Berlin Paris Barstools from BSeated

Over in the outdoor kitchen the stools are #samesamebutdifferent. They look like the ones in the servery but have backs, so they’re really comfy for sitting ‘round with a vino while the BBQ chef cooks for the troops.

And they’re stackable – handy for when he’s taking to the deck with the Gerni too!