I have a confession to make, I have a crush on Bonnie’s roof. Don’t get me wrong, I’m really happy with my own roof and we have a strong relationship, but there’s no denying Bon’s new roof has caught my eye and knocked my socks off! 


Now there’s simply no denying the fact that for most people, the roof is waaaay down their list of exciting things about their home reno. But this is crazy gang! Why? Because it usually makes up around 30% of your overall street appeal and it’s what keeps you and your loved ones dry, safe and secure! Having said that, roofs are a significant investment and one of those things where you really want to try to work with what you’ve got from a structural perspective. You don’t buy a new roof on a whim. But sometimes, when the roof of your dream home is out on its feet, you don’t have the choice but to start again. In Bonnie’s case, her house was such a major transformation and extension that a completely new roof was the only way she was going to achieve her modern coastal barn dream. A sprawling roof line with strong angles allowed for the 6m high raked ceilings that have been at the top of her wish list for years.  



Bon has always loved a ‘gabled roof’. And this style totally fitted with her inspo for her new dream home #tick. Known as a pitched or peaked roof, these more traditional triangular shaped roofs include two roof planes and a centre ridge. Roofs like this offer considerable interior space which can be used as an attic and storage or give you the opportunity to pitch the ceilings inside the home. Bon did this in her kitchen and main living area, and you’ve seen how much space that created! #takemetochurch


With a roof line that goes for days, it’s also got more hips than a Beyonce video.  A ‘hip roof’ has slopes on all four sides. There are no vertical sides (like with gabled roofs) and all sloping sides come together at the top to form the ridge. Can you see those sections on Bon’s roof?  The benefit of a hipped roof is strength which is relevant for high wind areas, like coastal zones. Coastal you say? Sounds perfect for a #moderncoastalbarn.


Because Bon was starting from scratch, the world was her oyster when choosing the material for her new roof. She knew she wanted a shingle profile that was super durable. Her last roof suffered major hail damage so there’s no way Bon was going to take any risks this time round. The Monier Elemental Shingle in Salt Spray was the perfect choice. That colour might sound familiar to some of you keen beans? It’s the same colour I chose for my roof. You can borrow my colour choices any time, Bon! #winkwink


Monier’s Elemental range is manufactured from a composite material, originally developed for the aerospace and car industries. Sounds impressive huh?! #ifitsgoodenoughfornasa  It’s called Elemental because it’s designed to withstand all the elements #rainhailorshine. Bonnie loves the security of knowing her new roof won’t rust or corrode and will protect her family (and her fancy furniture and flooring) when hail the size of golf balls rains on her parade. Such important features for the harsh Australian climate. And essential when you’re building a home with this much roof!


But aside from all the practical stuff, Bon always bangs on about the importance of how your home makes you feel and she says she loves it when drives up the drive and the first thing she sees is the beautiful roof. She loves how it looks and makes her feel. And I agree, it really is the crowning glory of Bon’s dream home. #roofcrush #outofmyleague

When it comes to your own reno, if you want to truly transform your home’s exterior, it’s time to turn your attention to the top of your home! We’ll teach you how in The Reno School – hurry, enrolments close 2nd July!