Guys, it’s this simple... ditch the TV and the kids will be out of your Adults’ Retreat faster than I chug down my first coffee of the day. Believe me, you’ll have the room to yourselves in no time! #funnybuttrue

The only problem in my house is that my husband’s not that sold on the no TV idea either. And without him, the ‘Nathan and Bonnie room’ becomes just the ‘Bonnie room’, and where’s the fun in that? Actually, don’t answer that – sounds like plenty fun to me 😉What’s he not getting about that amazing Spanish Door print (link) where the TV ‘should’ be? And what about all the D&Ms we could have lying back on those dreamy sofas sans TV blaring… #notgonnahappen

Ok, scratch that tip. Here are my realtop 5 must-haves for creating a gorgeous Adults’ Retreat:


I chose the Soho 3-seater and armchair in white linen from OZ Design Furniture. It could be the comfiest sofa I’ve ever laid (both my eyes and body) on. It also looks luxurious and expensive (even though it’s actually really affordable … and on sale now I might add) A sofa with washable covers is always a great idea, but hopefully they won’t need to be done so often in this room.


Go to town on the cushions in your Adults’ Retreat. They’re at far less risk of being used as missiles or stepping stones where ‘the floor is lava’. And they add to the luxurious feel to make your retreat a special place away from the chaos of real life. Grace Garrett never fails to wow us with her selection of cushions – both for the sofa and the floor.


Forget the practicality in this room! Choose a soft and cosy rug that you can really sink your feet into. I’m loving the Nomad rug from OZ Design Furniture.


I love built-in cabinetry because it creates such clean lines in a room and we all know I’m a massive fan of the BoConcept TV cabinet. I’ve got one in the main lounge room too and it’s such a relief to have the BoConcept team turn up and install it for youIt makes the perfect display cabinet for all my plants and ceramics… the fact it can hide your Foxtel box and DVD player is just a bonus. #winkwink


Just in case I maybe, one day, sometime soon give in to my TV ban in this room, I’ve chosen Luxaflex Roman Blockout blinds. With so many French doors around our room we’ll need them to block the glare for weekend movie afternoons. #bringonthenetflixbinges #justaddpopcorn #andwine


Remember, this is your retreat! Let practicality slip by the wayside and embrace the soft, comfy goodness. For 10 minutes at least, until you hear the next “Muuuuuuuuum!!!!” #mumlife