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We know how you guys love a chat! So much so that sometimes we’re totally bombarded with questions on social media. We promise we try to answer but it’s not always easy to explain the juicy details when typing with fat fingers in a teeny insta comment. 

So, we asked you what you wanted to know, and these were some of the questions that kept coming up….

What jobs did you all do before starting Three Birds?

In my previous life (this is Lana here), I was a Marketing Manager at Unilever, looking after the skincare team and brands such as Dove and Vaseline (somehow I still managed to have dry skin!). Sales, marketing and my loud voice are my speciality as Marketing Director for Three Birds …. along with keeping the spirits of our tradies up, up, up with some high-fives and lots of laughs onsite (watch Ep 6 if you want to see what I’m talking about).

Creative Director, Bonnie and Operations Director, Erin are no strangers to working together, having job-shared as Event Managers for years. It’ll be no surprise that Bonnie was the creative half of the role, coming up with the big ideas and styling details. Erin was the organised half who planned and ran the events. And these skills transferred perfectly into the world of Three Birds because renovating is just like another big event really!


Is it worth me joining The Reno School when I live in WA - I feel like a lot of suppliers you refer to are Eastern States only?

That’s a big thumbs up from us! 👍🏻We had students from WA in the last intake and even had international students (from France, Mexico and Singapore) who say it’s been really relevant for them too. 

The six-week course is broken into modules where we’ll teach you how to plan and then bring your dream reno to life. This info is really applicable to any location and style of home! Disclaimer: we haven’t tried an igloo yet, but #neversaynever #whiteonwhite

We have some fab offers from our fave suppliers too and they're all available nationwide. 


Hey guys!! Love your work.️ I’ve just bought my first apartment and I’m wondering what order to do stuff in. The bathrooms... the kitchen… it all needs to be re-carpeted and re-painted too! Aghhhhh indecision is my enemy!! I would love your expertise - Thank you

Oooh that’s a tricky one! We always suggest trying to do everything at once. It’s a bigger chunk of cash up front (and be a tad inconvenient) but will save you in the long run. Getting trades to do everything at once is always more cost effective than having them come and go over a longer period of time.

If that’s not possible, you’ll need to prioritise, but keep in mind when you’re planning that the more one tradie can do in one go, the better. And best leave that plush new carpet ‘til last… traipsing tradies can get messy! My worst nightmare. 


Is there a way to spray bricks DIY? Or what should I expect to pay for a TWO-storey house?

Absolutely you can DIY!

One of the best ways to transform an ugly brick exterior is to spray the bricks. We stumbled across this idea when our budget was tight and we couldn’t afford to render the properties we were flipping. Lots of people think you need to render a brick house to modernise it and add value but rendering is costly and takes a lot of time – spraying bricks is faster, cheaper and looks great when done properly. 

We usually get a professional painter to spray our bricks but you can DIY. Either way, the process is the same. Here’s how it’s done. 

1. Clean down bricks with a pressure hose or broom. Make sure the bricks are dry before you begin. 

2. Tape up any windows and doors that you don’t want to paint. This usually takes the most amount of time. 

3. Set up the spray gun with your tin of paint. You don’t need special paint for this, just a good quality exterior paint - we use Dulux Weathershield. 

4. Spray your bricks, moving the gun from left to right (warning: this is really fun – it could cause fights in the family over who gets to hold the spray gun). Apply two coats. 

5. Step back and marvel at the transformation. 

In terms of pricing for a professional, give a few a call for a quote. There are so many variables from house to house so it’s hard to even ballpark the cost. If you’re in Sydney, we recommend our fab painter, Peachy. Ph: 0414 639 440.


How do you keep everything white Bonnie? You must have a cleaner surely LOL. Please answer this! I can hardly keep my black tv unit dust free!!!!

Haha, ask me when we’ve been living in the house for a year! ;-) Black TVs are they worst for showing dust.

I know there will be some scuff marks in my all-white house, but that’s life. I’ve designed the house so that the boys have some rooms of their own that they can go and bang around in. And of course, there is loads of outdoor space for them to roam (like my cows actually). I don’t like things to be too precious because they can’t be in my life. They have to be robust and able to handle some rough and tumble. And many of my white choices came with some sensible features e.g - I opted for washable lounge fabrics and “Wash & Wear” paint from Dulux – I’ve already had to remove Dodge’s dodgy chocolate fingerprints from both, and they came up a treat. My light-coloured flooring is also really durable, being high quality engineered timber from Woodcut which can handle the indoor hockey and scooter races. 

Having said all that, my cordless Dyson is my new best friend but I actually quite enjoy vacuuming now ... building your dream home can do that to you.  xx


Bonnie - now that you’re living in your completed dream home, is there anything you would change?

To be honest, there’s not actually that much I’d change. I’ve planned my dream home in my head for like EVER, so I’d had loads of time to think through floor plans and details.

There are a few minor things that are bugging me:

·I need some sort of scarecrow to scare the pesky cockatoos that are having a great old time breaking all my palms. Don’t they know how much I LOVE those trees! 

·Oh, and more power points… you can never have enough power points, and I definitely don’t. 

·And perhaps I would have covered in the whole outdoor entertaining area, not just the BBQ area. I love it how it is, it lets in so much light but would be so much more versatile if we could use it when it’s raining too.

·Oh, and I can’t believe I forgot to put a bin in the Butler’s Pantry! #facepalm


How much did Bonnie’s Reno cost?

Let’s just say… A LOT! 💸💸💸


Any chance we can see the floor plan of your most recent home? We have four kids too so would love some inspiration!

We’re actually going to reveal the full floor plans of both Bonnie’s Dream Home and Lana’s Forever Home In the next round of The Reno School, which kicks off 2nd July. You can sign up here.


When is it Erin's turn for a home reno?

Great question! We’re dying to get our hot little hands on Erin’s place ;-) She just needs to make up her mind about what she wants to do. Pick the thinker of the trio!


Okay you all have THE best clothing style! I’m sort of obsessed! Could you guys start blogging about your outfits too?!

Oh shucks, you’re too kind! ☺ We thought you were all too busy watching Erin rolling her eyes at Bon constantly changing her mind. And rolling your eyes at Lana’s gags (do you find them as funny as we do?), to notice what we’re wearing. But watch this space… we feel a ‘what we wear’ blog post coming on…