Well, the secret of our first ever collaboration is out and you guys are good…. hands up if you picked the homeowner and collaborator of our next project?

Sophie Bell aka @peppahart 🙋🏻‍♀️ 

So, who is Sophie Bell/Peppa Hart?


Yep, they’re one and the same person! Sophie Bell is the creative genius behind Peppa Hart, which started as a personal blog and then became the name of her successful creative digital agency. The name Peppa Hart was born off the back of two things 1) the hope that she would one day have a little girl named Peppa and 2) her Mum’s maiden name is Hart. She’s not only a savvy business woman but also one of the nicest people you’ll ever meet. I think you can pick up that vibe from our videos. She’s always smiling, laughing and just being damn gorgeous. Soph seems to like my jokes too so that earns her lots of brownie points with me!!

How long has Sophie knowN The Birds?

We go waaaaay back. Sophie’s best friend is also Bonnie’s cousin, so when I asked Bon if she knew anyone who could build a website for Three Birds (this is over 4 years ago now), Bon was all over it in suggesting Sophie. I looked at her website and saw that she had a beautiful aesthetic and oozed coastal cool. She also had the digital know-how we needed so we snapped her up and Soph became one of our first employees. So she really is the Fourth Bird.

Does Sophie still work with Three Birds?

Absolutely! Sophie is our Digital Manager. She built our website and helps with our ongoing digital strategy, content creation and does all our digital design work - which is why it looks saaa pretty. 😉 She even created and hand-painted our Three Birds Renovations logo #talentedchick. Soph also designed our online Reno School and she’s one of our gurus on the exclusive Reno School Facebook group where she’s helping students with their reno projects every day.

Northern NSW is a long commute into the Three Birds Office in Sydney!

The beauty of our business is that we can work remotely, so Sophie used to live and work for us from the Gold Coast – can’t you tell from her year-round tan?  
Her new #mediterraneanfarmhouse is just a hop, skip and jump down the road in Northern NSW and we’re in constant contact over phone and email every day. Although during the build her phone reception was a tad dodgy in her secluded rainforest, so Facetime was our saviour!

Why did the Bells decide to move South?

After travelling through Europe, Sophie and her husband Michael (aka Bell) were inspired to build a Mediterranean style home. They were searching for ages for the right block of land, but Soph will tell you that this purchase was completely spur of the moment. #whaat? The Bells bought the block only an hour after laying eyes on it for the first time! They fell in love with how private it was, tucked away in a rainforest setting and Sophie could see herself living there with kids running wild.

Speaking of kids, Sophie and Bell are proud parents to three-year-old Hendrix and there’s a little girl on the way!


Want to see more of Sophie’s style? Have a Sticky Beak here at her previous home.