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When I first heard that Sophie’s vision board was inspired by her Mediterranean travels, I was excited to see what materials we could explore for this project. Lots of white concrete and render was a no-brainer, but for the flooring, concrete, tiles or timber would have all been authentic choices to bring to life Sophie’s #mediterraneanvilla vibe.  

Inspired by Lana and Bonnie’s Woodcut Engineered Timber floorboards, Sophie was dead set on engineered timber from the get go. I asked all about them:

What made you choose engineered timber flooring?

I’ve been lucky enough to spend loads of time in Lana and Bonnie’s houses, eyeballing and touching everything they used so I was a bit spoilt when it came to choosing products for our own home, having seen their choices first hand. One of the first things you notice when you enter both their homes is the stunning Woodcut flooring. I love how it looks, how it feels under foot and how easy it is to clean. Just perfect for our lifestyle, on acreage with little feet running around.

Which colour did you choose and why?

My first thought was to go for as white as possible as I just love white flooring but Bonnie convinced me to choose Voss by Woodcut, which is slightly warmer and I’m so glad we went with it. It’s gorgeous. Any whiter might have looked a bit stark against the all-white house. Voss bring a warmth and homeliness to every room.


Is there anything you would have changed?

No! The more I live with our floors, the more I love them! I have to mention the gorgeous brass detailing on the stairs – everyone notices and comments on it. It just really takes them up another level. 

We laid the boards in a herringbone pattern in our walk in robe and I’m seriously in love with them. It’s an added feature that makes the room feel really special. So, I guess if I could change anything, I might do more herringbone. I can imagine it looking amazing in our front entryway!

How’s the wear and tear so far?

OMG so good! It’s already taken a beating from our dogs, kids spilling food and milk, pizza parties with lots of friends traipsing through from outdoors. Lana would freak out over the number of stilettos, dirty shoes and feet that have been through this house! 

The beauty of it is that it’s so easy to clean. I just whip out the Dyson and give it a once-over and it’s like new. There’s a subtle grain in the Voss as well, which is great for helping disguise mess in-between cleans.


Would you recommend Woodcut to your best friend?

Absolutely! Just like Lana and Bon recommended it to me. Share the love, I say!

P.S To celebrate house 10, Woodcut are offering
you all 10% OFF new timber flooring orders!!


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