Hey Gang, if our Mediterranean Farm house has got your reno juices in a spin and you’re pumped to start your own project, you’re going to LOVE our Three Birds Reno School. And we’d LOVE to have you on board the Reno School bus for our next intake on 7th October.

Let me tell you why you’re going to LOVE it…

1. Soph’s going to be there!

Sophie, aka @peppahart, aka #thefourthbird and the owner of our Mediterranean Farmhouse is one of the mentors in the Reno School. She’s working day and night from her gorge new home office, updating the modules with all the pretty pics and updates from her house. That’s the beauty of Reno School, it’s always evolving to remain relevant. Everything we learn on the job, we share with you.

three birds renovations

2. Offers you can’t resist

Remember Soph’s gorgeous floorboards, skirting, tiles, light fittings that you all asked about? We have done the ring around to all our favourite suppliers to get you a deal you will love. Discounts galore for your very own project which could save you thousands on your reno. 

You’ll feel like you’re back at Uni, flashing that student ID around for a bargain!

3. We’re warming up for Facebook live

Chill the vino, limber up your fingers, we’re preparing for a Reno School power hour on Facebook LIVE. That’s where we all grab our wine glasses, you type your burning questions and the girls and I answer as many as we can. It’s an online reno party and 3,500 people are invited – and it really is as fun as it sounds!

4. You’ll get your daily reno fix in the exclusive Facebook group

With over 3,500 like-minded students planning their own renovations and gathering skills for future projects, this is one busy group! You know those Facebook groups you join, then check back a few weeks later and no-one’s said ‘boo’? Well, this is not one of them! Our chatty bunch of Reno Schoolers are active daily, sharing photos, swapping design ideas and handing out advice and support to their fellow students. Their combined reno knowledge is quite a powerful weapon! 

Bon, Erin and I, along with our team (incl Sophie #fourthbird), pop in as often as we can to help with ideas and love following the progress of our amazingly talented students. Heck, we’ve even learnt new stuff from these guys! 

We can barely wait to see what Reno Schooler Cherie Young does with this little diamond in the rough! (see below!!) May the Reno School force be with you, Cherie!

5. You’ll get lifetime access!

Did you read point one about updated modules? Well there’s no need to get FOMO because you’ll get access to the new modules every time they’re updated too! 

We update the course after each house we complete and ongoing when we learn something new worth sharing. Up next… knock-down-rebuilds. You asked, we deliver!

So, how does that sound?

Need more convincing?

You’re a tough nut to crack! 😉 Here’s a FREE download to give you a snippet of what you can expect from the Reno School.  It’s a teeny taste, the real deal is over 160,000 words of reno magic!

Oh, and last thing…

Sign up before xx and use the code EARLYBIRD to receive 10% off the cost of the Complete Course – OMG we’re nearly giving it away! 

Hope to see you in class soon, 

Xx Lana

7th October 2019.