Pink Tiles

What does your choice of tiles say about you? Are you confident to push the boat out and make some big, bold choices? Or do you prefer to keep things safe and practical?

Me? I’m all over the shop! But the beauty of my job is that I get to choose so many different tiles for our renovations that I can change my tile style all the time… as long as it matches our vision board.

I’ve always thought that choosing tiles is a bit like choosing a personality for a room! So, just for fun, take a look at these 5 tile styles, choose your fave and read what it says about you…

Classic and classy


Your tile personality

You’re an all-round classy chick. Just like Kate Middleton - classic, timeless and with a damn good stylist to help make ‘sensible choices’ that always look uber stylish.

The perfect tile selection for you is: white subways, herringbone pattern, use them inside or outside your home… or both.

Free Spirit


Your tile personality:

I’m channelling Drew Barrymore – here for a good time… and a long time. You’re free-spirited, not afraid to do things differently and you’ll stand the test of time. 

The perfect tile selection for you is: aged ceramics, matt finishes, interesting layout patterns that tell a story.

Wild Child


Your tile personality:

Think Gwen Stefani rock chick vibes with a bit of Amy Winehouse goth rolled into one. You’re a Wild Child who isn’t afraid to shake things up a little and live life on the edge.

The perfect tile selection for you is: black and bold, all the patterns, mixtures of matt and gloss.

Quiet & Charming

3 Birds House 9__268_R09.jpg

Your tile personality:

Subtle and classy, like Australia’s golden girl Nicole Kidman. You’re not going to yell to be heard but you make a statement every time with your flawless, understated appearance. 

The perfect tile selection for you is: pretty pastels and encaustic patterns.

Sweet… but a little bit psycho

Your tile personality:

Hello, Reece Witherspoon. Don’t try to fool us that you’re a bonafide sweetheart with your use of pretty pinks and peaches, just look at those patterns – we know you’re a little cray-cray underneath your sweet facade!

The perfect tile selection for you is: pretty colours laid in wild patterns – or vice versa!

What’s your favourite tile style? Does it match your personality? Let me know below!

xx Bonnie

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