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For me it really started when I was at University, I started a little Tumblr blog where I would collect images of fashion, interiors, events - all the beautiful things I loved. I was studying a Communications Degree at the time and went on to work for the AFL in a Media role for quite a few years. I'm not a "footy" type of girl but I absolutely loved my job there and kept my blog going in the background to keep my love of all things beautiful alive whilst surrounded by so much footy. After a while my blog and Instagram started to gather momentum and I was getting enquiries from people wanting me to style their house or their wedding just like mine. I couldn't quite believe that people wanted to pay me for something that was a hobby for me. After a while, and as a result of my beautiful husband constantly telling me to leave my job and give what I love a chance, I did it and haven't looked back since. It's been more than I could have ever imagined, working with brands like Pacific Fair, Westfield, Matt Blatt, Sleepmaker, Free People and more. From creating styled campaigns, to designing clothing ranges, to seeing art that my mother and I have created in Shopping Centre food courts and on surfboards.... I still cannot believe how lucky I am that I get to make a living from doing what I love so much. Since having my darling little boy Hendrix my focus has been more on the Digital Agency side of my business. I work with companies of all shapes and sizes just like Three Birds Renovations, bringing their brands to life online via beautiful websites and creative campaigns.... every single day is different in the Peppa Hart studio and I wouldn't change a thing!

I am a big believer in creating the life you love, just like my Three Birds Family. If you have something you love so much and you feel so passionately about it, why not make that dream a reality. Life is so short and we should all be living our happiest life.

I think a lot of people get caught up in having to stick to one certain look. I think you can have a mix of styles and make it work as long as there is a cohesive thread in there like a colour palette or textures. I wish people would be more playful with interiors, have swings on your deck, play with colour, play with print, if you don't love it you can change it again. Homes are a reflection of you and your personality, don't be afraid to try new things, especially when it comes to styling - it's easy to replace some cushions and art if you are not feeling it. I also like to keep the palette of the actual house really neutral with whites, concrete and timber so you can easily change the style of the house through interior choices without having to completely re-model your home. I also like to invest in luxury textures like rugs, cushions and linens - you can then mix in more affordable pieces and it still feels luxurious without having to spend a fortune. As you can see from my photos I also love a plant! Crazy plant lady, that's me. I feel adding greenery to your home brings life and freshness. If you are not a keen gardener there are loads of faux plants now that look so good you cannot even tell they are not the real deal. 


Around 12 months ago we completely renovated our house, gutted it and started fresh. It was huge and all done while I was pregnant. I literally went into labour while our builder was there! He almost had a heart attack (and needed lots of reassuring that he won't actually have to deliver the baby, it doesn't happen that quick). My husband had purchased the house when he was 18 years old. It is massive - three levels, lots of space which means LOTS of renovating. The house previously was all peach and gold fittings (not the beautiful gold fittings that are on trend now - the bad 90's fittings)... So we started fresh, opened the whole house up, painted everything white, laid white floor boards, new kitchen, new bathrooms and built our favourite part  - the outdoor pavilion which includes a bar. We have custom made the majority of our furniture ourselves. My husband made the huge daybed in our lounge room - it's the size of two queen beds, the ultimate lazy Sunday couch. Our very talented carpenter, Henderson Custom Carpentry, made the other daybeds, drawers, vanities, floating shelves in beautiful Victorian Ash and Blackbutt - I think the timber softens all the white. All up the majority of the Reno took around 4 months and I loved the entire process. The end result was better than we could have ever imagined, it was the perfect little love bubble to bring our son home to for the first time.  

Renovating doesn’t have to be stressful, get a great team in place, set a realistic time frame and budget and have your mood board rock solid to avoid change throughout the project.

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