Thought you’d seen it all when we revealed Bonnie’s bathroom tiles? No siree! She was only just getting started. Bon’s gone to town in her laundry and powder room with an extravaganza of tiles in all colours, shapes and patterns.

There’s a tile party at Bon’s place and she hasn’t skimped on the guest list! Let’s take a look at who she’s invited…


+ The wall flower – she’s soft and subtle but manages to catch your eye discreetly, without yelling “look at me”. The pale peach Crayon Pesca Gloss wall tiles are simple and stylish and their stunning gloss finish and herringbone layout add a touch of glam. Look closely and you’d be forgiven for thinking she’s blushing  ☺️ #peachyblushygoodness


+ Here for a long time – the Carrara Marble White tile is a herringbone mosaic which reeks of sophistication and style. Marble is always a fab party guest, he doesn’t only look good but is known for durability and timelessness too. This guy’s gonna go the distance! This is the first time he’s appeared in gloss though #wontbethelast. And don’t forget Bon’s mantra - marble goes with ANYTHING!


+ Here for a good time – if you’re going to put something as OTT as a dog bath in your laundry, why not live it up a little with your tile choices too. The good-time guy brings a mix of Pitrizza Visone and Pitrizza Rosa squares in a random pattern all over the tub #tetrisanyone? The same tile in different colours is a fun way to mix things up without a tile clash.


+ The Belle of the Ball – this prestigious award goes to the Cotto Glamour Rombo wall tile. The judges have spoken and she’s unanimously the prettiest tile in the house - heck, she’s even got ‘glamour’ in her name. Dressed in the palest of blues with subtle terracotta details, she’s had everyone in a spin. Even Bon’s hubby has a crush. She hails from Sardinia, Italy and is in hot demand… as we discovered when we ran out mid-way through the laying! #thankgoodnessforerin #savedtheday


+ Pretty girl in the corner – Her name’s Penny Round and she’s always a great inclusion to the guest list. Carrara White Penny Round gets invited to lots of parties #socialbutterfly #populargirl. She goes pretty hard at parties and usually ends up on the floor or climbing the walls. And if she’s really in the mood, don’t surprised to find Penny dancing on the ceiling ….  like in Bon’s main bathroom.


The more the merrier at the tile party! When it comes to your own project though, it’s each to their own! In her words, Bon’s gone a bit #outtherejerry in her laundry and powder room. But when it’s your forever home, it’s ok to break the traditional tiling rules and do what you love. 

A tile party isn’t for everyone, but hey, #whateverticklesyourpickle!