The main living room is always going to be the most used room in our house. It’s a gorgeous open space, surrounded by so much natural light. So much so that my friends and family are often seen wearing sunglasses in this space! 

Overall, I wanted this room to be totally casual and inviting, but also totally chic.  Think relaxed but luxe… that’s a thing, right? Lana tried to tell me it's called ‘re-luxe’… sounds like reflux to me. Um, no thanks. But you get what I mean! This room needs to be comfy enough to relax in but durable enough for boys of all sizes to throw themselves on the lounge, put their feet up and relax while we watch a movie. It also needs to provide a spot for a toddler to park his balance bike. More on that later. 

The styling for this room all started with… 


Let me start by saying, 'yes' the sofa is as comfy as it looks. I guess that's why Freedom calls it their DREAM sofa. It’s just perfect for my dream home and an absolute dream to lie on. I spotted it in-store in a smaller size, but the beauty of the modular design is that Freedom custom make it to suit the size of your home and family. So as with most things in this house, we chose the super-size-me option and Bob's your uncle, we have the Hindmarsh Family's Dream Sofa! You'll also be pleased to know that a super-sized sofa like this doesn't come with a super-sized price tag. This whole configuration costs only $3,899. That's pretty amazing for a sofa of that size don't you think?

Of course, as if the sofa wasn’t big enough, we added a day bed to match. Apparently, the day bed also makes a great place for a toddler to park his bike – yep, that happened #thanksdodge. But I’ve got first dibs on it when there’s a rush to the sofa. Being outnumbered by boys must come with some benefits! #ladieslounge

The ‘Dawn Grey’ Linen Blend fabric is the most gorgeous shade. It has a distinctly coastal undertone and is light enough to complement my other furniture, but durable and forgiving enough not to show up every mark #hallelujah. We put this to the test the other day when a gorgeous girlfriend of mine blew out a candle that had been burning for a few hours next to the couch. Splat! Hot wax flew all over my brand-new DREAM sofa! #holymotherofmeltedwax I tried my best to cool my jets while I googled "how to get hot wax off my brand-new, unblemished DREAM sofa". Turns out that with a bit of ironing #clever and a wash – it all came out. #familyfriendly


A huge rug is a great way to make a room feel soft and cosy, especially when it has floorboards. Who knew you could get such a large rug from Freedom? This one’s a whopping 3x4 metres and does a great job of covering the centre of the room and feels so plush underfoot. I love doubling up on rugs for an extra luxe effect and the round floor rug at the end of the chaise was perfect for this.

Let's be honest, with a sofa this big, one coffee table was never going to be enough. I brought in the luxe effect through the pops of gold with the brass beaten drums and gold and marble side table.


I’ve been a fan of the BoConcept wall-hung cabinets since we used them in Lana's house. They’re so clean and minimalist-looking, and just the right depth to fit the Foxtel unit and DVD player. They're also modular (like the sofa) so you can make them as long or as short as you like and can opt for drawers or cupboard fronts. And the best bit? BoConcept will install it for you at no extra charge. 

Hey, did you notice the TV isn’t the first thing you see when you enter this room? I’ve purposely tucked it ‘round the corner because TVs aren’t the most attractive décor! #harshbutfair


You heard it here first… Luxaflex Luminette sheers are the Rolls Royce of blinds.  They’re motorised and glide open and shut like a dream. They add a whimsical look to soften the room and they’re super practical to cut out the glare for watching TV. And so my friends can take their sunnies off inside. They also add some insulation over the cold, glass bi-fold doors and picture window in winter #notjustaprettyblind


Oh and did I mention you could win a $4000 spender-bender at Freedom? Click button below to find out more!