open ensuite

Bathroom renovators beware! There are a few common traps when it comes to bathroom renos… and we don’t want you to fall into them! Here’s a 3-step checklist to choosing your products and a tour of Sophie’s bathrooms to see how we picked hers:

  1. Fixtures and fittings should come first!

Ideally, right at the start of your reno process, as you’ll need to include the costs of these items in your master budget. We like to go window-shopping as soon as we’ve confirmed our vision board. We had Soph’s products picked out even before we confirmed the bathroom layouts!

2. Confirm your costs

While you’re out browsing fixtures and fittings, take note of the price of each product to help populate your budget tracker. Not actually eyeballing items and prices might mean that you end up with a bathroom bill bigger than your budget #ouch. Sophie admits she fell into this trap by allocating a lump sum to tapware and then falling in love with the tumbled brass finish which blew her initial budget!

3. Revisit your vision board

Whenever you choose an item, whether it’s a tap, a toilet or a tile, it doesn’t matter, go back and check it against your vision board to make sure it really fits the style. The best visions can go rogue if you’re not always referring to your board and staying true to it.

Watch how we chose the fittings and fixtures for Soph’s place, all from Reece