I love me a pretty kitchen but for many people they’re often the forgotten room when it comes to styling. Kitchens need some stylin’ too people! #forgetmenot

So if you’re doing a full kitchen reno, or just want to freshen up your existing one, here are 5 ways to make your kitchen look pretty spesh:


Put your pretties on parade

I can think of no better way to show off your pretties than with a glass display box, like we built in House 9 or even just with open shelves like we did in House 4 and the Beach Shack. I like to style shelves using a combo of greenery, candles, canisters, stacked plates and bowls and even artwork. Cluster items together in groups and make sure there are gaps between the groups. Don’t overdo it with too much stuff – less is more. Books work well in the kitchen too. Big, chunky recipe books look great on open shelves or just on the benchtop and they have a reason for being there – the recipes are within reach!

Art works in kitchens too

Cooking can be quite the creative process so it makes sense to have an inspiring, creative piece hanging nearby. Now it can be challenging to find the space to hang art in a kitchen with all the tiles and cabinetry, but if there is a side wall or an open shelf you can lean a print on, it’s worth considering. I love this artwork we used in House 9 and the art was even more a feature in our River Shack kitchen.

Tea & toast too good to hide

As Lana always says, a bunch of small appliances fighting for space on your benchtop is never a good look so our preference is usually to hide them away. But when I saw the prettiest kettle and toaster E.V.E.R they were just too good-looking to put in a cupboard. 

I’m totally crushing on the Argento Flora range from De’Longhi. With colour names like Azure Blue, Peony Pink, Jasmine Beige and Peppermint Green, these beauties are sure to make a statement in any kitchen. I put Peppermint in House 9, but Lana has Azure Blue in her home #santoriniinsydney.

Flowers & Foliage

Fresh or faux, I’m not fussy… unless we’re talking herbs! Every kitchen is improved with a pop of green. Plants look pretty ANYWHERE! Put them in a vase, trailing from a shelf or hanging from the ceiling. And if you are using faux... just add water to the vase to make them look really real.


JUST bling IT?

A bit of bling shouldn’t be reserved for ensuites and lounge rooms …. I love some bling in a kitchen and changing your handles is one of the quickest and most inexpensive ways to freshen up your kitchen. Gold or brass handles will instantly add that luxury touch. In House 9 we chose large brass knobs from Lo & Co and I love how they’re a modern shape but in a traditional finish … and in my home I put the bling in the Butler’s Pantry with more Lo & Co handles and some brass tapware.


Have fun trying these 5 styling tips in your own kitchen. You’ll be bringing pretty back in no time! 

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