When it comes to blinds I’ll admit I was traumatised by seeing those old aluminium venetians everywhere as a child, their blades bent with a tangled cord that looked and felt like the knots in my hair I’d been wrangling with for days. This was my view of window coverings until two years ago when Lana and I made a trip to our local Luxaflex showroom. O-M-G, we were blown away by how far blinds have come! #lightyears. How had we missed this progression? Suffice to say, I now know that window coverings are super important. They’re visually a major part of a room, and something that you will interact with every day so you need to get them right.

Here are the 5 most important factors you need to consider when selecting blinds for your home:


Personally, I love waking up to sunlight beaming on my face, but Erin and Lana are the complete opposite and I suspect most people prefer their bedrooms dark, to allow for those Sunday sleep-ins. If that’s you, you might want to consider ‘blockout’ blinds like the ones Lana chose for Ruby’s room. There are also ‘room darkening’ materials, which are great for TV rooms where glare can be a problem at certain times of the day. Some blinds provide better darkening than others, so if this is important to you, make sure you ask the question "is this the best product you have to block out light?". It can also depend on your window frame and whether the blind is mounted on the architrave or "in reveal", meaning inside the window frame (like we did in Ruby's room). Luxaflex also has a gorgeous range called Silhouette blinds that, (with the right fabric) will bounce light onto the ceiling and brighten up the room #yesplease



Think about the privacy factor for all your rooms not just bedrooms and bathrooms. Privacy creates a sense of security and safety in your home. If your room faces the street, the neighbour’s house or a pathway where people walk, think about the level of privacy you’ll want for both day time and night. Even if you like running around in the buff, passers-by might not want to see it! You can also get external awnings that reduce glare and give privacy to outdoor areas



This is less about looks and more about home comfort, energy efficiency therefore saving money honey.  Depending on which direction your windows face, you’ll need to decide whether you want to let light in or block it out. The aspect of the house will also determine the room’s temperature and so it is important that the right blind or awning is selected for insulation and energy efficiency. For maximum insulating effect, you can't go past the Luxaflex Duette Architella Shades. These blinds have honeycomb shaped cells for max comfort ... just like in a beehive #cute #clever.


There’s a lot to consider when choosing colour, texture and designs of blinds and shades. Lighter colours will make a room feel bigger and brighter while darker colours can make a room feel smaller and more intimate. Generally, we choose window coverings to match the wall or architrave but sometimes we'll contrast it to make a design statement.

Remember that when your window coverings are closed you’ll be able to see the colour of them from outside your house too. White is the most energy efficient choice because it reflects the sun but if you have a dark-coloured façade, white might not be the best look from the outside – in that case a dark backing may be better.



I love that all Luxaflex window coverings are designed with child safety in mind. With so many kids and their friends in my home I need to make sure that the blinds don’t pose a safety risk. Shutters are a winner simply because they're so easy (and safe) for kids to operate themselves but even the other blinds in their range have all been designed with child safety in mind.


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