This time last year my family and I were squeezed into a tiny rental property while our Forever Home was still under construction.  

Most people renovating in December are desperately hoping to be "in by Christmas" but more often than not, reality bites and they have to accept it will be another 12 months before they can celebrate xmas in their newly renovated space. 

As you can see from these never-before-seen pics of my reno - we still had a looooong way to go!

But one year down the track I'm pleased to confirm that we are well and truly IN the finished home and I'm soooo pumped for our First Christmas in my Forever Home.  We've never had so much space and style to play with so I enlisted the help of Bon to help me whip the place into 'all that jazz' which is Christmas.

Now I don't know about you, but I grew up in a house where clashing colours on the Xmas Tree was all the rage and you could never have too much tinsel. So this year, I asked Bon to help me style my house for Xmas.  Here's what we did...

The Table - We transformed my round dining table with a mixture of faux and real plants (one of our fave tricks of the trade) and styled it with vintage glassware, matte coloured plates and gold cutlery. 

The Tree - In the past, I've gone for real Xmas trees but this year we've opted for a fakie tree from Target and I'm actually loving it #cheapandcheerful. The base of the tree has been covered with a basket by J'Jute and then we decorated the tree with a mix of gold and silver ornaments.

To finish off the space, we swapped out my juju hats (which you guys seem to love) for two wreaths I picked up from Freedom and added a bar cart with some champers!


P.S - the presents under the tree are fake .... I literally have not bought one single thing yet #somethingsneverchange xx


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