Who says 'no' to Sony? I nearly did.... well kinda :-)

I'll be honest and say that our home entertainment system was the last thing on my mind when we renovated my family home. Choosing a TV to mount on my beautiful new wall was waaaaaay down the bottom of my To Do List. In fact, it wasn't even ON my list. 

So when the time came to move back in to our finished home, it became really obvious that we had no TVs in the house. So I asked my husband to go out and buy one (I think it was the only thing I let him choose for the house) I really didn't care what brand he bought cos they're all the same right? Husband comes home, new TV gets installed and 9 months goes by with lots of happy family viewing time. 

This Christmas, Sony asked me to try out their new OLED TV and my initial response was "no thanks - we already have a good enough TV". I seriously thought it was going to be a big waste of time to get it installed and then have to tell them it was no different to the one I already had.

But they assured me it was completely different and that I would fall in love with the new technology.  Considering I'm not a "techie", that promise still wasn't blowing my skirt up.

Anyway - fast forward to today and I'm still catching up on Game of Thrones (now you know where my platinum blonde inspo has come from #khaleesi #motherofdragons #stormborn) and I have totally fallen in love with me Sony OLED TV.  Why?

1) The picture quality is just so much better - the colours are insanely good and the blacks are really black - Harvey Spectre has never looked so good! #iamcatchinguponsuitstoo 

 2) The screen IS the speaker! My previous TV (and most other flat screen TVs) have the speakers hidden at the back of the TV so it doesn’t sound like voices are coming towards you. Well the techies at Sony have revolutionised things by having the sound project directly from the characters' mouths into your face, and it follows their movement across the screen. Now I actually get everything they're saying on GoT.

3) Last but not least, it's got a voice activated remote control which it right up my alley cos it means I can pull up Michael Buble concerts on request. 



P.S - we're going to be giving away one of these Sony OLED TVs for Christmas so stay tuned for details.