So, you want to upgrade your guest room from average Joe to boutique beauty? If you’re renovating room by room or doing a complete overhaul, these three things will have your guests swooning before they slumber.

Here are our 3 ‘must-haves’ and how we brought them to life in House 9:


It’s no secret that Bon’s keen on green. She’s chosen green features a few times in our recent reno’s #cottagewall #boldkitchen #boldbathroom. It makes an appearance again in this guest bedroom and for good reason. Not only does it look beautiful, the colour green is associated with feelings of harmony and safety too – it’s the perfect colour that will have your guests sleeping like babies. #zzzzz

But what colour should you paint the trims? To contrast or complement, that is the question. In this room, the Dulux Classic Calm wall colour was such a statement that continuing it down to the skirting boards and across the built-in robes would have been a tad OTT. So, white was the winner in this case. No prizes for picking that we chose Dulux White on White for the trims #obsessed, including the ceiling, wardrobe doors and the gorgeous Intrim skirting boards. We love how contrasting the skirting accentuates the moulded profile and makes it really stand out against the green. 

Skirting Tip: If your choice of wall colour isn’t so bold, that’s when you can consider carrying the paint down onto the skirting boards as well. We did this in the master suite with the soft Dulux Eggshell Pink Quarter for a seamless, serene look. #blushcrush. Click here to see what we mean.


Plush bedding and lots of layers scream chic boutique hotel and more is more when it comes to styling your guest room. We’ve stacked standard pillows, Euro pillows and a decorative cushion against the upholstered headboard, in a range of complementary coloured and textured covers. Then added on a pompom throw, as the cherry on top.

You’ll be pleased to know we didn’t blow the budget styling this room. We found everything from the bed, to the linen, to the throw and even the gorgeous vintage-look rug under the bed from Freedom. They have a fantastic range that’s well-priced too.


P.S - one of the most common questions we get asked is “what’s that white fluffy thing on the wall and where can I get one?”. It’s called a Juju Hat and you can find them in stores like Table Tonic and Hamptons at Home. They’re gorgeous alternative to traditional artwork.


There’s something special about natural light that transforms a small dark room into an inviting space. We actually got rid of a window in this room #heavenforbid to make way for the bedhead, but redeemed ourselves by adding the French doors #alwaysafave which open onto the front balcony and add a lovely feature from inside and out.

If you’ve got a penchant for pendants, you’re going to love the fluted glass beauty from Beacon in this bedroom. You’d be forgiven for thinking the ceiling is too low in this room for a pendant, but because it’s centred over the bed, rather than in a walkway, it’s perfect.

So that’s it. It’s easy as 1, 2, 3! (Simple as do re mi ABC, 123, Baby, you and me girl… #thanksMJ)

DISCLAIMER: Implementing these elements into your guest room may result in an unprecedented number of friends/family/strangers requesting to stay.  We take no responsibility for over-stayers or house guests who mistake your home for a hotel or become #greenwithenvy #sorrynotsorry #hotelathome