Want to do something a bit different and super spesh on your walls? So did we in the nursery at House 9! It’s a small room without any striking features so we thought a two-tone paint technique would be perfect to spunk it up.

Our colour inspiration for this room came from the camel print we chose for the wall. Dulux Shetland Lace a gorgeous gender-neutral shade so that this nursery can be restyled for a baby boy or girl. We used full strength for the larger, lower section of the walls and Shetland Lace Quarter around the top.


We always get a professional painter to paint our houses (thanks Peachey!) but if you’re game there’s no reason you can’t give DIY a go. Either way, the process is the same. Here’s how Peachey and the boys achieved our two-tone walls:

  1. Paint the entire wall in the colour you’re going to see most of. In this case, Dulux Shetland Lace. It’s crucial you paint the whole wall as this will help prevent bleeding under the painter’s tape when you apply the second colour. P.S - we always use Dulux Wash&Wear Low Sheen on interior walls.

2. Decide where you want the secondary colour to start. In this nursery we went for picture rail height, which is usually 30-50cm below the ceiling.

3. Then use a chalk line to make sure your dividing line is nice and straight. A chalk line is taut string that has been coated with chalk. Lay the string across the surface to be marked and pull tight. Next, pluck the string so that it hits the wall and transfers the chalk to the wall along the straight line where it struck. Best practised on another surface first!

4. Now you’ve got a nice straight line, stick painter’s tape along this line and then paint the second colour above it. This is where we used Dulux Shetland Lace Quarter.

5. Once dry, carefully peel off the painter’s tape and BINGO! Your very own two-tone wall.

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