Ooh là là! I could rave about French doors for days. I’m a massive fan and stick them in everywhere I can. They’re a lovely design feature and look trés chic in almost any style of home. #sofrenchrightnow

 French doors, by definition, are “double doors with glass panes throughout their length” #thanksgoogle. You know those gorgeous ones that you can push open together to maximise the double doorway width, or keep one closed to control the amount of breeze coming in. The glass allows light to flood the room, unlike traditional wooden panel doors. Not only do they look amazing, they’ve got far more to offer than just being easy on the eye.

Here are four reasons why J'ADORE French doors…


The cool thing about French doors is that they really suit the majority of house styles. So no matter what your vision board looks like, a French door will likely work wonders. They look as good in a traditional family home as they do in a fibro renovation project or my #moderncoastalbarn. 

French doors are often used externally because the wide, double doorway makes an excellent access way from inside to out. But in my new dream home I’ve used them internally as well and they work just perfectly.  The huge French doors from my open-plan area into my formal dining room are so functional because the double doorway allows easy access. But we can also shut them off to minimise the dinner party noise when we need to.

I wanted to make a real feature of the French doors, so I created fixed glass-panels above and either side of the doors. This huge wall of glass panels is super gorgeous.


Windows and doors are a major investment in the scheme of a renovation and it’s vital to get them right. They’re often an afterthought for many renovators who get distracted by more glamorous decisions involving their kitchens, flooring and furniture. But long after those items have fallen out of fashion, your windows and doors will endure. They’ll still be there. So, think of them like a Chanel ‘Little Black Dress’.

We discovered a top tip so you need not blow your budget on your French doors: you can save some serious coin by opting for the French doors from Bunnings for… wait for it… only $170! We paint them white and they always look a million bucks. 


In the scheme of a renovation, replacing ugly aluminium doors is a quick win that can make a massive difference. My Pearl Beach Shack is the perfect example of how French doors can completely transform a house.  We ripped the aluminium doors out of the dated, ‘70s shack and replaced them with white wooden French doors. This single design choice gives a really beautiful feel to the whole home.

And here's a tip, the Bunnings' French doors come with plastic on the glass panes, so make sure you leave them on until your painters have gone to town with your favourite white - then you simply peel off the plastic and voila - precision painting made easy. 


Perhaps what I love most about French doors is the fact that they’re timeless. I know they’re always a good design choice and a good investment because they’re never going to date. 

Did you know that Queen Victoria made the first appearance onto the famous balcony at Buckingham Palace in 1851 - through French doors!

Hell, if French doors are good enough for Kate and Wills and 150+ years of royals, they’re good enough for me!