My toilet is awesome… said no one ever!

But I gotta tell you I am particularly enamoured by my toilet choice for the main (kids) bathroom. I am a total germaphobe and the thought of anything toilet related gives me a bad case of the heebie-jeebies. But this one… is… seriously… different. Here’s why.

+ It's rimless. Why is that good? I hear you ask. Well, that means that the nasty germy build up you get with normal toilets doesn’t happen and so it’s cleaner and easier to clean. 
+ It got a larger drop zone. This means one flush cleans the whole bowl… #teanagersanyone? 
+ Speaking of flush… it’s got a more powerful one even though it uses the same amount of water so it’s still water efficient. 
+ And finally it also looks pretty damn good in my kids bathroom…especially with the wall cistern.  

Who knew there was so much good stuff in a toilet?! #ididnt 

And if you are in the market for a toilet just like I was… don’t leave it to the last minute. Think about it nice and early – especially if you want a wall cistern like mine because the plumber needs it early for rough in.