By Lana

Every reno we do is challenging but nothing has ever tested us more than this latest reno. It's bigger, bolder and brighter (if that's even possible;-)... and this time... it's personal - we're renovating my family home to turn it into my Forever Home #notsellingthisone 

Not only will this project test our renovating prowess #threestoreyhouse #itshuge #andtall #erinisafraidofheights but it's also going to test the friendship. How will Bon handle it not ruling the roost with design decisions? #whoamikidding #shetotallyrulestheroost #evenatmyhouse. And what will my response be when Bon & Ez stage an intervention mid-reno? #idonthandleitwell #notimpressed #gladtheydidthough #wasgoingtobeadisaster.

We are super-thrilled that have come on-board again for this series of Three Birds TV.  I thought we may have scared them off with the last house considering we had more blooper content than anything else but it turns out they loved it too and are back for more #yay. 

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Here are some of the shots from Lana's mood board on the reno... Santorini vibes in Sydney. Cannot wait to show you how we are bringing the mood board to life.