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Of all the spaces someone can renovate, I think the kitchen can be the most challenging. It’s usually the heart of the home and whether you’re a MasterChef or ReluctantChef, it’s a major feature of your space, so you want it to look good. Yes, there are ways to renovate a kitchen on a budget but it is still usually one of the most expensive rooms in a home, so you need to be happy with the end result. And if all that wasn’t pressure enough, we know that ‘kitchens sell houses’ so this is a real reno moment where you can add some serious value #kaching #kaching.

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Bathroom renos are hugely popular and for good reason too. They’re a discreet space that can be transformed without having to do the rest of the house. At Three Birds we’ve had our fair share of bathroom reno learnings. With over 13 bathrooms under our belts, here are some of our best bathroom secrets to help you achieve your dream bathroom.

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