You see, the caravan sits at the back of the River Shack and even though it's at the back, it's still the first thing you see upon arrival (like a front door)... because unless you're arriving via rubber dingy, you park your car at the back and the caravan is sitting there waiting to greet you. Make sense?

So now that we've established the back is also the front (are you still with me?;-), we wanted the caravan to pop with personality and set the fun tone for this reno. 

The River Shack is a weekender... a getaway... a place to escape your serious life (and by serious I mean remembering to fill in your kid's excursion slips or trying to find time to dye your hair).  Painting the caravan pink and black with a gold lightning bolt seemed like the obvious choice!

And what about the inside? Well, Bon has gone on the record saying the inside of the caravan is her favourite space we've ever renovated!! Now that's a big call! Watch the ep and see if you agree with her ;-) Either way, I think we may have started a trend for wallpapering your ceiling cos geez it looks amazing!


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