Two years on from moving into our first Three Birds HQ, our ‘lil office needed some loving. With a growing team of gorgeous girls, we wanted to create a luxe, feminine space where everyone loves coming to work each day.

Our office space needed to be a calming influence on our otherwise chaotic work days …. and of course it had to be pretty and full of beautiful things that you’d usually find in a home rather than an office.


In The Reno School we bang on to our students about the importance of creating a vision board. Seriously, Lana is like a broken record, constantly saying to our students “what is your vision board whispering to you?” #housewhisperer? But she’s right …. it’s your guiding light to help you truly understand what you want your space to look like. This, in turn, will guide much of your decision making when it comes to colour choices and styling.

So of course, we practice what we preach and started our office-refurb-journey by creating a vision board. Here she is below.


And if I had to pinpoint one or two items that really helped shape our vision board … it was the ceramic vase head and stunning original artwork, painted for us, by Jai. That’s why they sit in the centre of our board.

Now having a vision is one thing, turning it into a reality is quite another. We knew the painting from Jai was going to be ah-mazing so we had to give it pride of place in our office. We used Intrim mouldings to create custom-sized panels on the wall to give an additional level of “framing” to the massive 1.5 x 1.5m artwork. You’ll see that we then continued these mouldings throughout the space to make it really feel like a home.

What you won’t see at Three Birds HQ is a bunch of individual desks. It’s just not suited to the way we work. We need a collaborative workspace where we can sit (or often stand) around one of the large communal tables, roll out some floorplans and unfurl some fabric swatches. And for those times where we have coffee in hand and need to have a creative brainstorming session we might hit the lounges and floor cushions for a change of pace. Our creative juices really flow best in a relaxed and inspiring environment.



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