House 9 Green Kitchen

You’ll hear us bang on about just how much of an eyesore our latest house was. It legit needed a total overhaul to bring it into the 21st century! But, without many redeeming features, we knew we needed to go big on adding some charm.

Our vision was to bring the wow-factor through the use of colour, to give this ugly duckling something to quack about.

Kitchens are a big chunk of any home reno budget and this room is the heart of the home, so it’s important to get it right. We knew this light-filled extension could really handle a bold, feature colour to give it some personality and warmth, but didn’t want it to be too trendy and risk looking out of date 12 months later #exyerror

We believe the secret to creating a colourful kitchen that will stand the test of time is not to overdo it. We limited the bold green hue to the island only. And finding the perfect mix of modern and traditional elements is important with any kitchen you’ll want to love in years to come.

Here’s how we did it in House 9:

CLEVER Cabinetry

White is the most common colour for kitchen cabinets because it’s a safe bet that won’t date …. E.V.E.R! But if you think white’s a bit boring or you just love a splash of colour, go for it! The key is choosing a colour that will transcend decades and if it’s a bit bold like our Dulux Lorna shade of green, don’t splash it everywhere! 

We’re fans of grey (cos hey it’s pretty neutral anyway) and black, and navy (which is loved by people who want to use colour without really using colour ;-) and of course that muted minty green we used in House 5.

But House 9 needed an extra special colour injection to bring the charm to this room. Dulux Lorna is the perfect shade of green because it’s earthy and calm, it makes a bold statement without screaming in your face. And it brings a lovely freshness to the room. Green (in any shade) is growing in popularity and will continue to do so. It’s a nod to nature and a colour that’s associated with harmony and safety - great assets to any home! 

Our Carrera by Design cabinetry wizard Ron (who wouldn’t be out of place at Hogwarts sitting next to Harry) worked his magic once again, and how beautiful is the traditional moulding on these cabinets?! Ron you #nailedit.


The star of the show has to be the curved and colourful island bench. It’s bold and it’s beautiful, but because the colour is confined to the island bench, it’s not over-powering. 

The cabinetry running along the back wall looks more traditional in white, with a stunning black glass display box, that looks like a piece of built-in furniture centred on the Caesarstone benchtop. And the large modern brass knobs from Lo & Co are the cherry on the top to tie modern and traditional together.

WHITE ATTICA Caesarstone

Bon’s been dying to use Caesarstone’s White Attica for ages and she finally had her way with it in this house! We made it curve at each end of the 3 metre island bench to follow the lines of the cabinetry. We then ran it the splashback on the back wall and in the display cabinet because it’s just so god damn beautiful! We think an engineered stone benchtop is always a great investment in your kitchen and a marble-look vein is versatile and timeless. 

The veining throughout the stone also ties together the traditional white porcelain butlers sink and the modern black tap.



Well-chosen, modern appliances are essential for making your life easier and more enjoyable every day, as well as when you’re entertaining. We chose the Electrolux French Door fridge with ice and water dispenser – fabulous for never running out of ice when you’re pumping out G&Ts for the guests. Just remember to make sure your cabinetry is deep enough so that your fridge doesn’t stick out #ithappenstothebestofus. That’s why it’s important to choose your appliances before finalising your cabinetry – so you can make the cabinets deep enough.

Induction cooktops are great because the actual surface always remains cool, it’s just the pans that heat up. We also love how it’s streamlined so you it blends in beautifully with the back bench, is super easy to wipe down and can even double as extra prep space #nowwearetalking


In the island we used the Electrolux RealLife XXL Fully Integrated Dishwasher to fit seamlessly with the cabinetry. And because it pops open at the end of the cycle to allow for 15mins of air drying – no more wet dishes! #genius We’ve also popped in the Electrolux Built-in Combination Microwave Oven which is combination microwave grill and convection oven in one. #spacesaver

Even though Bonnie and I chose white kitchens for our forever homes, we do love a coloured kitchen - done right. And look at this little gem now, she’s a sight for sore eyes.