Spare a thought for the tilers that did Bon’s bathrooms – she pushed them to their very limits with curved ceilings, tiled ceilings, random colour patterns (is that even possible?) and a couple of last minute changes-of-mind thrown in for good measure.

The Main Bathroom Masterpiece

Don’t be fooled, you may think you’re standing in the New York Subway or waiting for the tube in London, but the only train you’re going to see around here is a train of dirty boys, traipsing in after footy practise.

Bon’s inspo for this bathroom was from a subway station. And she’s nailed it with the curved ceiling, 360-degree tiling and of course, the aptly named subway tiles.


One way to inject fun into a bathroom is through bold tile choices and mixing up the way you lay them. Bon chose a blue and white combo for her subway tiles #shethinkstheyregreen #shealsohearslaurel and changed up the way they were laid to add some more interest. There is no pattern, the colour placement is random – oh the pressure our poor tiler must have felt!

You know by now that Bon’s got bazillions of kids, so she’s put in bazillions of (well, three!) shower heads so they can all shower at once. Bon originally wanted to clear glass in that gorgeous feature window but luckily, for her boys, husband Nathan saw sense and said “No!” It’d be ok now but flash forward to their teenage years and they’re probably not going to want to watch Mum gardening in the courtyard whilst they’re showering, or vice versa! #goodsavedad

The rest of the room is tiled in National Tile’s Carrara White Penny Round tile. Tell me this isn’t the most spectacular show of penny rounds you’ve ever seen?!  It just screams WOW factor!!

Keep it on the down-low, but it was actually Bonnie’s husband, Nathan, who suggested they run these tiles right around the room. He managed to get his two cents (make that two pennies) in on this occasion – and both excellent decisions! #bonniesnewassistant? #idliketoseethat

Rub-a-dub-dub, throw the boys in the tub! Who doesn’t love a big bathtub, like the Contura Freestanding Bath from Caroma? At 1800mm long, this baby could fit the whole family in it. 


All that’s missing in this subway station is the busker for some entertainment while you soak, although I wouldn’t put it past Archie to throw down his hat. #bornentertainer


Bonnie’s toddler Dodge may be the only two-year-old in the world with an ensuite but, she assures me it’ll be perfect for him to grow into. Tweenage Archie and toddler Dodge share this ensuite bathroom that runs between their bedrooms.

I’m loving the navy-blue subway tiles Bon chose to add a boyish charm to this bathroom. They’re a gorgeous feature that are classic enough to be timeless. And I love how she’s been brave in her tile layouts, I’ve never seen subways laid like that before. Just imagine if they’d been laid in a traditional brick or herringbone pattern? #suchadifferentlook  #shesathinkerourbon

These bathrooms are as functional and beautiful now as they will be in 10 years - and that’s the end game people!