By Lana

The facade of our House went under the knife this week for a much-needed facelift. It was just the start of a major process and she will take a few more ops in the coming weeks to complete. Let’s just hope she doesn’t come out looking like this ….


Sorry I’m being silly. In all seriousness, check out the pics our surgeon took during this week’s major op.

So she’s not finished yet but we’ve made progress.  Next week she’ll go back into theatre for a new balustrade, staircase and French doors and for her final op she will be given a nice set of implants - green plants that is (not too big, not too small right?).

As with any good (and not so good) plastic surgery show, there’s always a grand reveal at the end, and of course, this requires a new set of clothes for the star. Well, our transformation will be no different and this week Bon spent time choosing some “new clothes” for our House with textile and cushion queen, Grace Garrett. The amount of “oohing and aahing” that came out of Bon’s mouth that morning was a bit much. Like really, it was.  

However I must admit that even a layman like me (who up until that meeting thought ‘chevron’ was a car) was impressed and inspired by what I saw. Grace pulled out these awesome swatches that were already grouped in colour stories and complimentary patterns. The options were endless and the only problem was... we loved them all.


We are half-way and week 4 is gonna be HUGE! 

+ Kitchen install (shout out to Mick at Collective Joinery – he’s so tolerant ;-)
+ Our HardieDeck will be built (can’t wait to try out this new fibre-cement decking)
+ Pergola and screening goes up (not that we don’t love looking into our neighbours lounge rooms)
+ Our two gas-strut windows (double-wow) are due to arrive, and like newborn babies we will shower them with kisses and cuddles... and then jam them into the wall opening.


Which lovely neighbour sits at her window (with husband and poodle), perched on a bar stool watching our every move? She says it’s like having her own renovating show to tune into each day. Lucky for us she loves our style and checks the site is safe and locked up each night before going to bed. You know who you are – thanks, you’re a star xx


From Anna Howell: Where do you get your beautiful gas-strut windows from? 

Decorative Building Products in QLD. We stumbled across them with our first house.  I was ringing around trying to find some cheap bi-fold windows (an exciting task – not) when I came across Garry at Decorative Building Products and he suggested we try a gas-strut window instead. We did and have never looked back. They are less expensive than bi-folds and we have them custom-made for our builder to install. I’ll be putting one in my house when I renovate it later this year.

From Jenny Baker: I love the idea of spray painting my brick exterior, but what are your painter’s thoughts on how it wears over time? Is there one paint over another that works better? 

We’ve been getting loads of enquiries about our painter. His name is Craig Peachey and he owns ‘Peachey’s Painting & Decorating’ 0414 639 440. He says “the paint will stick to the brick for as long as the warranty states – most claim ‘lifetime’ these days. Personally, I recommend a house be repainted every 10 - 15 years and one watch-out is if there are garden beds close to the brick, it can cause rising damp and the paint can become flaky in those places. I like using Endure by Taubmans when I’m spraying brick.” What a legend.

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Hurry! Only a few hours to go in our Up-cycle Competition – closes at midnight.  

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