Who remembers bopping along (or atop a podium perhaps) to the Black Eyed Peas “Let’s Get It Started”? 

I remember. It was 12yrs ago and myself, Bonnie and Erin were at a nightclub (god knows where) and we were badgering the DJ (poor guy) to play “Let’s Get It Started” for us.  And like that night, on Monday morning of this week I made the same song request on my iPad. Why? Because after a loooong wait, we were finally starting our House 4 reno!!  It’s official - the party has started at House 4 and us Birds are now nesting in Northmead for the next 6 weeks.

Before the demo began I dropped into the house to grab the all-important (but often overlooked) “before” photos. Here’s a few you wouldn’t have seen:

Click on the images to see them in all their full view beauty.

As you guys know, we’re on a strict 6 week schedule so a lot had to happen this week.  

In a nutshell - we demolished walls, removed asbestos, worked out our lighting plan and re-designed our kitchen and laundry.  The re-design came about after the walls were removed and we realised we could make the kitchen bigger (which is always a priority of ours). 

We also measured up for the gas-strut windows. Yes, you heard right, we will have 2 gas-struts this time!  Double the wow! If you’re new to Three Birds and have no-idea what I’m talking about, these (see below) are gas-strut windows and we’ve used them in all our houses – we ♥ them!

And last but not least, in-between feeding her 2 week old bub, Bon spotted some heavenly pendants from Bunnings that will likely end up hanging over our dining table. They seriously look more ‘boutique’ than ‘Bunnings’.


Oh …. and over coffee we created a short-list of paint colours using our Taubmans fan deck eg - Mink Scorpio Half, Frosted Ice, Wind Swept Beach, Ice Princess and Snow Drift – they all sound amazing, but the sample pots on the brickwork will be the clincher. At time of publishing we still hadn’t made a decision. Stay tuned.


Hopefully week 2 will be a bit less hectic - we’re on for electrical rough-in, plumbing rough-in (I hope Bon’s chosen all our tapware in time!), wet-space prep – new floors, sheeting, screeding – all the exciting stuff (not) ;-)


1. Which Bird was told on Day 1 by the builder that she was dressed inappropriately?
2. Which Bird refuses to wear anything but Havaianas onsite (hint: not the same Bird as question 1)?
3. Which Bird thought it was ok to turn up onsite with side-boob action? 

*Legal disclaimer: Three Birds Renovations acknowledges this is not best-practice (even in 40 degree heat) and we will be lifting our game in this area from now on!


 We absolutely LOVE hearing from everyone! We receive lots of questions every week like how we afford to buy the houses, how to run the budget side of things, which white paint is best and the list goes on. So throughout this reno we will be answering one of your questions on the blog each week. If you have something you would love to know, click on the button below to submit a question.


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