By Lana

Can you believe we are in the FINAL WEEK of this reno!? I can’t. In fact if you asked me if it were possible, I’d say “no way, Rosé”. But Erin assures me we are on track to finish by Friday. So with the pressure on I was quite reluctant to take a day out to write this blog (yes it takes me that long). Surely this is how the Masterchef contestants feel when there’s 3 mins left on the clock, they’ve just burnt their sauce (and fingers) and suddenly Matt Preston appears for a quick interview. Argh!! So forgive me this week, there are more pictures than words and let’s all cross our fingers that we don’t end up with burnt ones on Friday xx. 

Here are some behind-the-scenes pics from last week, click on any of the below to enlarge.


My daughter and I have been following your progress since you started and we are very impressed with what you have achieved. I am wanting to renovate my laundry with new cupboards and benches. Could you advise me who you use for your cabinet work. Thank you | Carol Hardie

We received a few questions this week about our cabinetry for both our kitchens and laundries so here’s a quick summary of what we’ve done in all our houses:

HOUSE 1 | Cabinetry by IKEA. It came flat-packed so we paid our carpenter to build and install it. Our laundry was a European style behind some doors. We forgot to take photos of that one.

HOUSE 2 | Cabinetry by Kaboodle from Bunnings. When we bought the house it already had Kaboodle cabinets, so to save money we just bought some additional ones to use when we relocated and renovated the kitchen - and we changed the original handles.

HOUSE 3 | Kitchen cabinetry by Collective Joinery. After two houses of flat-pack kitchens we decided to try a custom solution and loved it. But for the laundry we used Ikea cabinet fronts as our budget was tight and we felt they still worked in that space.

HOUSE 4 | UNDER CONSTRUCTION - Cabinetry by Collective Joinery. This kitchen is still a work in progress but I get the vibe this could end up our favourite.  So happy we went for grey cabinetry this time. No pics of the laundry yet but we decided to go with white cabinetry in that space – didn’t want it to be too matchy-matchy with the kitchen.

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