By Lana

TICK TOCK TICK TOCK …… with only 2 WEEKS TO GO it’s hard to imagine how we’ll get this house finished on time!?

I decided to ring Erin and check how things were going...

Me: Hey Ez, I’m writing our weekly blog and want to check we are still on track to finish in two weeks… cos it sure doesn’t look like it?

Ez: Thanks for your feedback Lana. I welcome you to join Bon and I onsite anytime. Whilst it may not look like it, we are ‘on track’ pending the weather, but I’d prefer you didn’t publicise that in the blog in case we run a few days over. I get stressed thinking about letting people down.

Me: Ok thanks, I won’t mention a thing ;-)


For those of you who watched our show the other night you would have caught a glimpse of what our new floor plan is going to look like.  It was fleeting, so here it again for you to judge #nottoscale #extension #megamaster.





For those of you who have been following our journey for a while, you should have already heard about our electrician, Ryan, who also moonlights as a firefighter?  #nothingtoseehere


Ryan has been working with us girls since our first house and he’s learnt how to be a real crowd pleaser, and I’m not talking about turning up in his firey’s gear and taking it off piece-by-piece #iwouldntstophim #wouldyou? And this week Ryan was really put to the test.

Picture this… Bonnie never wants too many powerpoints in our houses because they cost money and they’re not beautiful.  Don’t get me wrong, we do have powerpoints in our houses, just not an abundance of them.  Erin always wants more powerpoints than Bonnie because she’s practical and really cares about what the new home owner is going to need #iagreewitherin #bonniecouldntgivearats.

So earlier this week poor Ryan had Erin telling him to install a powerpoint and Bonnie telling him not to. What a dilemma #notreally #firstworldproblems… So how did Ryan solve this one? Like the gorgeous genius he is, he said, “how about I run a cable behind the wall so we know the power is there, but I’ll only pull it through to a powerpoint if the agent gets negative feedback from buyers about a lack of powerpoints”? Bonnie smiled. Erin smiled. Ryan smiled. Problem solved #everyoneshappy.  

However, my question to all three of them is – “yeh but what if the buyer doesn’t notice the lack of powerpoints until they move in and then they’re gropeable when they realise there’s nowhere to plug in their third TV!? #nothappyjan #theyneedmebackonsite #pronto


As you know, Bonnie is our chief designer and always selects our tiles with little consultation or help from anyone. She won’t even accept help from the innovation team at Amber Tiles #seriouslyshewont #slightlyawkward. Anyway, I often have to wait until our bathrooms are finished for me to truly fall in love with the tiles Bon’s chosen… but at this house, she had me at hello. The tiles are absolutely amazing and from the reaction on Insta and FB it seems you guys love them too. What’s not to love? How could anybody not like them?  

Amber Tiles Carrara Honed Fan

Amber Tiles Manual Blanco | 75 x 300   

Amber Tiles Silverstone Struto Extra Matt | 600 x 1200

Here’s Episode One again for those of you that missed it on Monday night or if you just want to watch it over and over again #likemymum #seriouslyshedoes.

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