Have we ever told you about Bon's Beach Shack? It's a little slice of heaven in Pearl Beach which has been in the Three Birds family for a few years. Now, this baby didn't always look so pretty.... in fact it used to be a little bit #oldschool #brownandbeige #notpretty!


This transformation has been a bit different to others we've done - it's been completed in stages and over a few years. The first thing we did was rip up the old nasty carpet and whitewash the pine floors that were hiding underneath. Then we painted the walls and the ceilings white #prettysimple #prettygorge

A few years later we renovated the kitchen and added some new openings to connect the inside to the outside using our trusted fave #gasstrutwindow and cheap-as-chips French doors from Bunnings. We also added a large timber deck with stadium seating. 

And NOW we've just completed the self-contained studio (which used to be the garage) and we've RESTYLED the WHOLE HOME in 100% ZANUI - yup that's right, everything from the beds to rugs to artwork to glassware is from Zanui.

Over the next couple of weeks, we'll reveal all the rooms and show you how we did it including all of Bon's fave styling hacks.