This style combines my two favourite looks - coastal + farmhouse. I love the FEEL of "coastal" even more than the look. As I said in Reno School, the FEEL of a home is the most important element to interior and exterior design. Coastal design makes me feel relaxed and I guess that's why it's such a popular style - especially in Australia where it works so well with our gorgeous climate. Even though most of us don't live on the coastline, that doesn't mean you can't create a coastal home #yeswayrose. I'm 30kms from the beach and I wanted my home to feel like the waves and sand were just around the corner.  

And then there's the sprawling farmhouses that are sprinkled across large plots of land! I love them. I love their roof lines and large single-level floor plans. NZ farmhouses are my favourite - Kiwis just seem to get it.

And last but not least, I want these coastal and farmhouse styles to be expressed in a modern way. I don't want my new home to feel old or traditional. I want it to feel fresh and future-proof for me and my family. As my husband keeps telling me, he won't be leaving this house until he's wheeled out and taken to the old people's home across the road ;-) We're here for keeps peeps.

I was always going to have a white kitchen in my family home. I love the coloured kitchens we've done in the past but for my dream home I couldn't go past the timeless look of white .... combined with classic marble. And of course I don't mean real marble - not only does it cost a bomb but you need to have the reflexes of a cat (and no children) to keep it stain-free. I'll be using Caesarstone's version of marble #looksreal #lowmaintenance #lastsforever.

Choosing to have a white kitchen is easy - but what tap colour to go with is much harder. What do you think?

I'm a sucker for a pitched ceiling #whoisnt? But in my master suite I'm thinking I might flatten it off like in the first pic just for a different detail. I'm also planning on having a freestanding wall to anchor the bed off so a flat ceiling will mirror the top of the wall.

I want the master to feel like a sanctuary so the colour palette is going to be muted and whimsical.

I absolutely love renovating bathrooms and I think it's because I can really get creative with my tiles and taps. There are just soooo many options but I understand that can also be overwhelming for some people - hence why it's so important to have clarity on your vision before you pull out your credit card. Every bathroom in my home is going to be different, but with a common thread of marble - be it marble tiles or marble Caesarstone.

P.S - my love affair with penny-rounds is still going strong so don't be surprised if you see some marble penny-rounds pop up in some of my wet spaces

OK - here are 3 key things I'm crushing over in these inspo shots:

1) Raked Ceiling

2) Triangle Glass Window

3) Internal French Doors

So the cat's out of the bag - my home is going to be white... with a white roof! Surprised? I doubt it ;-) Actually, it's more accurate to say it's going to be white + green. We're going to use lush green landscaping (think turf, palm trees and plants) and green-coloured pool, to contrast with the white-on-white property. Which white will I choose? Well you'll have to stay tuned to find that out.



Vision boards are the FIRST step you should take when renovating. It doesn't matter if your project is big or small, a vision board sets the tone and direction for the entire reno and will become your guiding light come decision time.

Renovating without a clear vision is like plonking yourself down in the swivel chair of a new hairdresser and saying, ‘Do whatever you want.’ Chances are you’ll spend a fortune, be forced to live with something you don’t want (bangs, anyone?) and it will all end in tears.

Creating a vision may sound a bit scary, maybe even a bit fluffy, but our success in the reno game comes from our experience, and we know that when you spend quality time planning, you create solid building blocks for renos that run smoother, quicker and deliver better results.

Want to learn how to create your own reno vision board? We'll show you how in The Reno School, next intake is on sale now, click the button below to find out more