WOW!!! Who knew that one green wall would send you all into such a spin?! Was it because we all know our Bon just loves a white wall? Or was it the fact that it was GREEN? #maybethegrassreallyisgreener


Bon! Fill us in… why a feature wall, that’s not like you?

I know, I know, it’s not like me at all! But I took one look at the height of that wall and thought that making it stand out from the rest would really showcase the high ceiling and show off the roofline.


And green… why green?

You know I’m usually always about white – walls, skirting, ceilings, paint ’em all white!  So, you might find it hard to believe that green has actually been my favourite colour since I was a little girl. Ask me my favourite colour and I’ve always said green. So, this was the perfect opportunity to bring the colour into my home and it works so well to add depth to this room.


How did you choose the perfect shade of green?

I always start with an inspo image. I picked the green I loved the look of and tried to match it on my Dulux fandeck. I chose a few shades and ordered A4 colour swatches. Holding them all against the wall, ‘Frontier’ was the clear favourite. It’s just the most gorgeous emerald green.  It only took the painter a few hours to tape up and paint the wall so the transformation was super speedy and I’m in love.


I would have thought a dark green wall would have made a small space even smaller?

It’s all about the ceiling height! I probably wouldn’t have been so bold in my choice if the ceiling was lower, but it’s over 4 metres high so the room can really handle it. It actually draws your attention to the ceiling to make it feel bigger. And adds a tranquil feel to the cottage and brings in a bit of character.


How did you choose the furniture to sit in front of such a bold colour?

I chose really earthy tones for the soft furnishings so nothing competes with the wall. It’s all got a really relaxed feel, like the rattan armchairs and comfy sofa with natural wooden legs. Then I could bling it up a bit with the brass and gold accessories without it looking OTT.

And don’t you just love that print? The black frame means it complements rather than competes with the wall colour. 

Has Bon jumped ship? Is GREEN the new white? Watch this space…