It's always a pleasure to film for our friends at Channel 7 and this week we were more than happy to welcome the Sunrise crew into Bon's home for a quick chit-chat about The Reno School. 

We had a blast, but the poor cameraman might have had a different opinion …. at least at first. Arriving outside Bon’s white sprayed brick fence (which seemingly never ends - like seriously where are her neighbours!?), this poor guy had to navigate his way past two cows and a miniature horse frolicking in the sprinkler #oldschoolcooldown, two British Bulldogs attacking the tyres of his van topped off by a playful puppy, the size of a croissant, weaving in and out of his feet as he tried to haul his heavy equipment inside. Not what you’d call a relaxing arrival #sorrychris.

And if he thought that was challenging, trying to get us three girls not to talk over the top of one another was even harder ;-) As I told him at the time, “just like Elsa and Prince Hans in Frozen, we finish each other's sentences”. So after a few hours of banter and a bit of reno talk, he was on his way …. not before revealing to us that we should have our own panel-style talk show. My eyes lit up, Bonnie and Erin on the other hand looked like they’d just ingested some poison.

So in case you missed it, here is how the 3 hours was cut to 3 minutes.

P.S - be prepared for the segment to end quite abruptly. Not sure what happened, but I’m mid-sentence and it cuts out. Me thinks the poor editor had no choice due to how much I had to say. I could seriously talk about this stuff for hours. If you’ve ever seen our LIVE chats on Facebook or Instagram you’ll know what I mean.


The Reno School is our six-week online course and enrolments are now open for the next intake.