By Lana

 I have a question for you …… do blinds and window coverings excite you? Have you ever seen a blind and gone “WOW – that’s friggin’ amazing!”? No? Well that was us 6 months ago. 

Bon, myself and Erin shared the view that window coverings were pretty boring stuff and aside from white shutters, there was basically “nothing to see here”. Well how wrong were we!?

Rewind to when our fave real estate agent, Jane Booty #fourthbird, broke the shocking news to us that our $12 IKEA sheer curtains weren’t exactly cutting the mustard. In fact, apparenty it was #awkward when she had to explain to potential buyers “oh, those sheers are just decorative, you can put in proper window coverings when you move in”. So, with House 5 we decided to up the ante and make our window coverings a “value-add” to the house, rather than a “value-detract” #notsurethatsaword #butyougetwhatimean.

So with a spring in our step #andwearingconverseofcourse, we popped into our local store #luxaflexcastlehill to check out what’s been going on in the world of blinds for the past decade. 

Now the best way to describe our visit is with a record of some of our actual comments:

“OMG – are you kidding!?”

“So you can open them from either the top or bottom!?”

 “You can get blinds that look just like dreamy curtains?”

“So they’re shutters … but soft?”

“They make the room glow brighter!? No way!”

Bon went a bit “blind-crazy” that day and as a result, the window coverings in House 5 were definitely our best ever.


“Silhouette”by Luxaflex in a sheer fabric. We chose this soft shade for the front entrance and most of the bedrooms. This shade diffuses light and casts a beautiful glow around the room. It’s almost like the soft version of a white shutter where you can open up the veins to look through to outside or close them for complete privacy.

“Pirouette” by Luxaflex in a linen fabric.  This blind we used in the little girl’s room. It has a continuous cord loop which seemed like the perfect solution for little fingers to safely open and close the blind all by themselves.

“PolySatin Shutters” by Luxaflex in white.  We love white shutters. Always have, always will. We used them on the front windows of the house to enhance the cottage feel. Shutters always look good from the outside of the house, as well as inside. They were also our first choice for the bathrooms because of their durability. They’re the modern alternative to traditional timber shutters and are water resistant so won’t blister, peel, or flake … and will never need re-painting – perfect for wet spaces. P.S - did you know you can win these shutters?

“Ventura” Awning by Luxaflex in grey and white stripes.  We’ve always built pergolas at our previous renos but on this occasion we opted for a striped awning to bring some great weekend vibes to our alfresco deck whilst also complementing the traditional cottage look #oldschoolcool #iwantone

If I had to write my learnings on a grain of a rice it would say “blinds are not boring”! But, don’t take my word for it, go and check them out for yourself #seeingisbelieving.