Who doesn’t love a sticky beak at other people’s renos? If your hand’s not up we don’t believe you! That’s why we want to show you 5 beautiful bathrooms we love… not ours this time. These bathrooms are the hard work of 5 Reno School students. They shared them with their fellow students in the Reno School Facebook group and we were so impressed that we wanted to share them with you too.


I thought I would share Luna Jervis Bay’s main bathroom. I was one of the very first Reno Schoolers & just wanted to show you what is possible by enrolling in this amazing course. In this bathroom I have used the same tile on three walls & floor & kept the vanity wall painted. This beach house is located in Huskisson, Jervis Bay, and you’ll be able to stay here for holidays later this year. I learnt so much from Reno School & once I have finished the second stage of Luna Jervis Bay will share all my professional images ... wishing you every success with your future renovations. 



Hello all, I’m finally able to share photos of our finished ensuite. We extended into our master bedroom to accommodate the bath and we couldn’t be happier with the results. My birthday present to myself was the Klaylife chandelier - I’ve been in love with this piece for a year and had to have it - in love!  Happy to share details of our trades team for anyone interested (Sydney). Thanks to everyone for their feedback with my questions and to the Three Birds for the awesome course!!!


Finally, our bathroom is all finished! Thanks for all the help and support along the way xx



My first ever bathroom renovation is complete and I have to say I’m pretty proud of myself.

I sourced every tap, every tile, the mirrors, the vanities everything. My budget was tight so where I could save money I did. For example, my two-door mirrored shaving cabinets cost $180 each from Highgrove, so I lined up 4 for impact and that all important eye level storage. 

I despise glass shower screens, with 6 kids I’ve cleaned them more than I choose to remember so I replaced them with tiled stud walls to create not only a feature wall but also privacy. I took my time to find a tiler who knew how to create a wet room with perfect fall in the tiles for drainage.

The bathrooms were as stressful as the kitchen but worth every little decision I had to make. 💋


Well, I finally did one for myself. Well two actually - main bathroom and ensuite.
My wife has been at me for years. She kept saying, "You make everyone else's houses look amazing when will you do something with mine." It’s all done now and she is stoked to say the least. Maybe a little bit too stoked because now she wants the rest of the house done!
Having lived through it without bathrooms was an experience but it gave me a different perspective to help understand what clients will go through and gave an insight into some of the traps. Experience gained and lessons learned and very happy with the result. Let me know what you think.

Hey, Rod – always remember #happywifehappylife

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