Do you recognise this house? It’s in the Hills, I promise. This was the Street View showcasing the crazy, overgrown front yard #needsachainsaw. And the backyard was even worse! One neighbour swears she saw the same bed-sheet hanging on the Hills Hoist for over 10 years! How it didn’t disintegrate in that time is beyond me #musthavebeensheridan.  

As for the inside of the house…. come and have a look #braceyourself. 

#gulp #soggyfloor #whereisthekitchensink

So what is my connection to this house? I bought it!

Actually myself, and two girlfriends (Erin and Bonnie) did. We renovated it and we sold it #doneinsixweeks. A pretty good effort for experienced renovators right? But we weren’t experienced. We were complete novices and this was the first renovation we’d ever done together #baptismbyfire. 

I’ll always remember the phone call I got from Bonnie out of the blue:  

Bonnie: “Hey babe – do you want to renovate houses with me”?

Me: “Um….. I’ve never renovated anything in my life…. but I have been watching The Block and it inspired me to buy some new cushions….. I really enjoyed doing that…. so yep let’s do it!”

Bonnie: “Sweet – let’s meet up tomorrow – Ez is keen too”

And that was that. Just a few months earlier we’d each been neck-deep in corporate careers, striding around our cushy, carpeted offices in Louboutins (ok they weren’t Louboutins, but forgive me this embellishment as it’s probably the closest I’m ever going to get to wearing Louboutins). So we quit those corporate jobs and created our own company affectionately known as Three Birds Renovations.

Yep, we walked away from our careers. What were we thinking!? It’s simple… we were chasing a dream.

For the best part of 15yrs we’d been working for big corporations, answering to others (mostly men) and working long hours. It was time we turned the tables. Rather than work long hours to build someone else’s business, we decided to work shorter hours to build our own. Add to that the fun of renovating a house with your two best mates and we were no longer building just a house and new business… we were building a life we loved.

Ok, back to the main story… the house. We bought this house and spent six weeks renovating it to within an inch of its life. We loved every minute of our adventure (sorry that’s a blatant lie – I was filthy when Bonnie and Erin went to Byron Bay for the last 2 weeks of the reno #neveragain). We were pleased with the end result. Who am I kidding? We were over-the-moon with how it turned out. 

#render #frenchdoors #adirondackchairs





Hopefully some of you can now recognize the house when driving past #carramarrcastlehill.  


And while we’re on the topic of driving past, a big thank you to all the mums (and dads) who beeped their car horns and shared words of encouragement whilst us Birds were filling up the skip, lugging rolls of turf or just hanging out on the front porch. We felt the love.  

We’re already mid-way through our next project. It’s another house in the Hills. We hope to make this one better than the last and more importantly, to continue to build the life we love. We’d love you to join our journey on Instagram @threebirdsrenovations xx

Originally posted on hillsdistrictmums.com.au