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I guess it all started when we first met - I was 14 and Nathan was 16. It wasn’t until a few years later that we started dating and a few years after that we were married. Nathan’s (Mr White) eye for detail and his love for timber led him to the study of boat building, where he completed a four year shipwright apprenticeship. Meanwhile, I (Mrs White) studied at uni and completed a degree in design majoring in Graphic design. Life was busy, yet something was missing. After uni I found myself meddling with a sewing machine and Nathan gave up boats for furniture, suddenly everything seemed a little clearer. The smell of timber, the touch of linen, that giddy feeling from seeing a concept sketch become something tangible - something we can sit on, eat on, organise and store things and most importantly - something that gathers people - yes - this is what we were meant to do... together.

Our style is minimal yet warm, clean yet welcoming, classic but contemporary. Our designs are simple, but the subtle details in the joinery highlight the craftsmanship and quality. We live by the quote “Make it simple but significant”.

There is something very calming and welcoming about a room of white, grey, timber and linen. For us it is all about using natural materials and allowing the subtle detail of line and texture speak for itself…the grain of timber, the feel of leather, the softness of linen. These are all materials that get better with age and will never go out of fashion. In saying this, it is also amazing seeing photos and even Instagram posts of our product in people's homes and businesses. I have seen our furniture in muted and neutral homes and also homes with a lot of colour. The beauty of solid timber furniture and neutral homewares is that it can be applied and styled in so many different ways and we appreciate this because everyone is different and will enjoy our products in different ways.



With two small kids it’s great having the flexibility that comes with running a business together. There are times when it is difficult being in the office together, but luckily I am not always there as I also have the girls for most of the week and so I work a lot from home and come in to the office when I need to. We work hard in the office but also try and keep a fun and light-hearted environment, which is easy with Nathan’s constant humour =) to keep us laughing (or not laughing if I’m trying to get something done!)

Lifestyle has a major influence on our designs. Our desire to live life simply and minimally has contributed to us creating furniture that fits within that lifestyle. We are also inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian design.

I love following my sister @ameeallsopstudio - partly because she lives in NY and I miss her dearly but also because she is such a talented architect and designer and am always inspired by her eye for detail and just general style.
@australian_architecture never disappoints for inspiring housing and interiors.
@mokkouyamagen an inspirational Japanese furniture maker.
@dinesen a family owned Danish company do some pretty impressive projects.



They sure have, if I am going to make something for Selah’s room (our eldest daughter), I will sit down with her and discuss what I am going to make and often she will have some sort of input (which I love). When Sasha and I design and create, we both have very similar ideas. Sash is very good at refining, which has developed my style over the years to a much more refined and simple approach, to all aspects of life.