Question – How did you design the layout of the main bathroom?

It was quite a luxury to have so much space at this house which meant we could create the ideal bathroom layout.  We were able to position the statement bath as the first thing you see when you come through the door, centred perfectly off a bright window and with the vanity sitting right next to it. Together, they are the most attractive elements of the bathroom.  The toilet is where it should be, tucked around the corner and the oversized walk-in-shower is tucked around the other corner to give it a bit of privacy as you walk through the door. It’s pretty rare to be able to put all the services exactly where you want them in a bathroom – but we got lucky here.


Question – Was it a big decision to choose a black bath?

Yes. I’ve been wanting to use a black bath in a few houses but the rooms just weren’t big enough to accommodate such a statement piece.  But this space was big enough with lots of natural light so I thought the Caroma Noir black freestanding bath would work.  I kept everything else, like the tiles, tapware and vanity, quite muted to ensure the Caroma Noir was the hero piece of the room. The skylight above also helps shine a spotlight on it.


Question – What drove your tapware choice?

In the main bathroom I chose the Dorf Jovian range for a consistent, streamlined look.  The floor mounted bath filler with hand shower is the perfect statement tapware to go with the Caroma Noir black bath.  I also love the wall mounted basin mixer and under-mount sink to give as much clear countertop space as possible.


Question – How did you create the feature wall behind the bath?

I knew I wanted to create a herringbone wall using subway tiles.  These tiles are slightly larger than normal subways measuring 300mm x 75mm so their longer profile helped the herringbone look more dramatic. And last but not least, the dark grey grout was crucial in making the pattern stand out. 


Question – Tell us about the vanity design? We were so lucky to have this vanity custom made for us so I chose thick Caesarstone in Satutuario Maximus to sit on top of the wall-hung cabinetry.  The faux-marble tiles on the wall and countertop blend perfectly to give the illusion they have been formed from the same piece of stone.  



Question – why did you choose this bath?

From a big, black bath in the main bathroom, to a tiny, pint-sized one in the ensuite.  Small baths are hard to find but I knew we needed a small one if we wanted to fit a bath into our ensuite. I fell in love with the Caroma Liano freestanding bath because it’s only 1400mm long and its flat sides means it can be pushed right up against the wall.  We designed the half-wall specifically to showcase the bath.  


Question – Why two shower-heads?

Why not? We installed two shower heads in this bathroom to make the bathroom feel luxurious and special.  Two shower heads also caters for different showering occasions.  The ceiling mounted overhead Caroma Invigra Rain Shower offers a luxury, Bali-like showering experience, but wouldn’t be the ideal choice if you didn’t want to get your hair wet each time.  For those occasions, we installed the Dorf Enigma rail shower for a hassle-free and fast showering option. 


Question – Tell us about the two-toned tap on the vanity.

Everyone knows I love white so when I came across the Dorf Epic Splice white/chrome basin mixer it was hard to go past.  Once I’d chosen the Epic Splice it helped me select the Dorf Enigma rail shower because it had a white head to match the white tap.  


Question – was it hard to choose the tiles for the ensuite?

I wouldn’t say it was hard but I took my time looking for the ideal combination of feature tile and wall/floor tiles.  The fan shaped feature tiles are so beautiful and with white grout the individual fans look fresh and really pop off the wall.  I then opted for a concrete-looking grey tile on the other walls and floor for a seamless finish.  In this house we were lucky enough to inherit 2.7 metre ceilings, compared to the standard 2.4 metres.  Tiling all the way to the ceiling brought a sense of grandeur to both bathrooms. 


Question – why did you choose that toilet?

We’ve never done in-wall cistern toilets before so it was a big deal for us to choose this Caroma Urbane Invisi toilet.  It looked sleek and I loved the fact I could choose the colour of the flush plates behind it.



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