We've been using realestate.com.au to buy and sell our reno projects since we started this business and now we're getting reno inspo from them too... and best of all, we're loving partnering with them on our latest Three Birds TV online series #tunein #threebirdstv.



Bonnie's been drooling over Scyon Wall Cladding for years  (seriously she has) and we love their no-fuss HardieDeck which looks so great.


We painted our first house in Dulux Stoney Creek - a fave colour of ours to this day and we couldn't be prouder to officially partner with such an iconic brand. 


We're absolutely loving the wide (and colourful) range at Reece and their 3D planning tool is so helpful when you're trying to visualise the layout of your bathroom. 


A roof can make or break the look of a house. You should consider it a great design element rather than an afterthought. 



It's the simple things that make these guys the bomb from the kitchen to the laundry. From keeping your veggies super-fresh to ensuring your go-to dress never fades! 


We are over the moon to be working with these leaders in engineered stone! The only problem is, which one to choose ;-) #whiteattica #vanillanoir #statuariomaximus


This design-savvy kitchen team (led by Ronnie) are amazing to work with - they nail it every time and it feels like our family are installing our kitchens xo #loveyouguys


We seriously never realised how exciting blinds can be and now we can't live without all the gorgeous (and motorised) window coverings we've put in our homes.



We used to think all glass was the same. How wrong were we!? We're now considering all the different types of glass that can make our homes more comfortable.


Who knew buying tiles online could be so easy? We're in love with Tile Cloud's range and fuss free way to order tiles. Bon can order them from bed! Too easy.


Godfrey Hirst has everything you'll need for your floors. From plush wool carpet to the latest technology in hybrid flooring. We've been super impressed with their durability and colours. #hybridisthenewblack 


We often struggle to find premium engineered timber in the white-washed colours we love, but Woodcut has loads to choose from #pearlwhite #whitegrey #almondwhite. 



We're long term fans of Freedom #whoisn't and we are thrilled to be using their stunning furniture in our houses. 


Beacon's range of indoor and outdoor lighting is the bees knees and did we mention their fans? #lovingtherangeguys


Skirting and mouldings should never be an afterthought. Intrim specialises in timber and it's simply gorgeous. 


This is a match made in heaven for us. Grace Garrett is THE cushion queen and she pulls together such stunning collections for each of our homes. #thankyou



We love nothing more than clustering candles when styling and Ecoya's range has us totally covered with their gorgeous natural candles #inspiringusdaily #sopretty #candleclustersbaby