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STYLING SESSIONS @threebirdshq

It’s no secret that styling is my passion. It really is the icing on the cake of your reno and you want it to be like fancy fondant, not melted buttercream! There’s no place for one of those sarcastic “Nailed it” memes when it comes to styling a reno.

Before you rush straight in, here are a few things to consider when styling a room. And what we did when styling our office:

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For loads of busy mums and dads, working from home has become the new norm. As we juggle jobs and kids and busy lives, a home office, or study, can be a great inclusion to your home.

When I was designing the floorplan for my dream home, I knew I needed a study and it really needed to be in the hub of the home so I could pop in and send a few emails from my laptop while I waited for the water to boil on the stovetop. Or post this blog while I wait for the dishwasher to finish! #mumlife

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Ok gang, if you're looking for some door inspo #whoisnt, Episode Four is for you. It's a total French-door-athon! Bon has loved French doors since our very first reno and has put them in almost every Three Birds renovation since  .... so when it came to her Dream Home she really unleashed the beast but this time, with a twist.

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