Hey gang I hope you've been enjoying KITCHEN WEEK as much as me ;-)) I'm now living with my new white kitchen (yes I know it's very white) and can assure you it's totally turned out better than I ever expected. A huge shout out to the kitchen master, Ronnie from Carrera by Design, for putting up with my crazy ideas (like the Butler's Office) and constant mind changing (who would have thought pull handles were so hard to choose ;-).

Here's how Ronnie and I designed the kitchen of my dreams....


Almost every Three Birds home has included an inside/outside servery with gas-strut window, so it would've been criminal not to put one in my house #thehypocrisy! And boy did we go to town on that part of the brief. The gas-strut window is HUGE - almost so big it can't be closed - but don't worry, it can, so we're all good ;-)) What I love about my servery most is the single piece of Caesarstone 800mm wide that runs from inside to outside. When the window is open, it becomes an intimate 8-seater dining table which we've already been putting to the test with great success. It's truly my favourite aspect of the kitchen.


Lots of people suffer angst about where to put the kitchen sink. On the island or back bench?  There are pros and cons of each. A positive of putting it on the back bench is that you can pile it up with plates and it's not ON DISPLAY like it would be on the island. BUT (and it's a big but for me), it means you're facing a wall, with your back to the room whenever you're at the sink. That was a showstopper for me as I wanted to be looking out to the lounge room, deck and down to the pool. I chose a large double sink from Clark so it can have a quite a few items in it and they'll still be hidden from view.


It's super popular these days to put your oven(s) at eye level but I wanted the whole back wall of the kitchen to be a seamless vision of white. So I stuck with the traditional location for the oven (under the cooktop) and made sure I integrated my Fisher & Paykel fridge (can you spy it over there near the Butler's Office?) 


For want of a better term, this idea was borne out of my desire to combine work and pleasure by being able to make afternoon tea for the kiddies whilst also staying on top of my emails. The aesthetic had to be seamless so Ronnie designed the cabinetry to look just like a continuation of the kitchen.  Behind the cupboard doors it is fully kitted out for an office - complete with data points, powerpoints, printer, paper and all that jazz. Oh and did I mention it's elevated on a platform? #controltower #cockpit.


Every Three Birds kitchen has included gorgeous pendant lights over the island bench. Jump on our Projects page and check it out for yourself.  They've always looked fabulous and for me it was a bit of risk to turn my back on our tried and tested pendant lighting formula. But .... as I've said in previous blogs, a winning design demands sacrifice and you can't have it all so I chose hanging plants over pendants. I love hanging plants and the organic vibes (and pops of colour) they bring to a space... and I'll let you in on a little secret... the ones in my kitchen are both faux ;-) #getouttatown #seriouslytheyare


Another key element for my kitchen was the ceiling. I didn't want an ordinary kitchen so I couldn't accept an ordinary ceiling. With this part of the house being single level it gave me the opportunity to cut in a few skylights to bring in natural light #nothingbetter. And little did I know that when we cut the holes I discovered a gorgeous big palm tree waiting to greet me on the other side #bringingtheoutsidein. And last but not least, we lined the ceiling with HardieGroove, covering the joins with decorative rafters, to bring a more relaxed vibe to the family zone of the house.

Thank you everyone for all the great comments on the flooring, we spoke to our mates at Woodcut and they are offering 10% off to our Three Birds gang! You can find out more about their product on their site at, tell them Lana from Three Birds sent you ;).

P.S I went with the Pearl White in my place!



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Let’s kick things off with a quick quiz…

+ Who’s heard of a butler’s pantry?
+ What about a butler’s office?

Yep, exactly what I thought. Loads of head nodding for the first question… but not so much for the second.

Head’s up: This article comes with a warning. Once you know about the butler’s office, you’ll love the idea and want one in your house, too. Trust me.